Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blogging from A-Z • Z

Z is for Znet

Check out these little beauties!

Doesn't it look like I scored on the beach, ran home and drilled some holes in my find!!!????

I didn't...instead I got a package from Znet filled with their Cultured Sea Glass!

 Znet has a rainbow of colors featuring this pretty matte finished glass that really does have the look and feel like real sea glass!

So far I've only made a few pieces with the sea glass (featured in yesterday's "Y" post)...but I'm looking forward to exploring the possibilities of these pretty baubles!

WOW!  So this concludes the Blogging from A-Z Challenge!   Stay tuned for a reflections post, and of course upcoming challenges - such as the Time To Stitch challenge (hosted by Therese and Christine) coming up on May 15!


  1. I still can't see the pictures and you've posted beach glass?????? *cry*

  2. I can't see the pictures either 8-( I'm not sure I'm up for another Challenge so soon but thanks for the Time To Stitch notice. I've sure enjoyed finding your blog and will be back!

  3. Ooh, pretty beach glass. I love beach glass.

  4. Beautiful beach glass, love the color!


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