Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My life in pictures

I just haven't been beading as much as I WOULD LIKE!!!  Over the last few weeks, I've been basically only beading on the weekends...I picked up a new client where I need to be on site part-time (instead of working from home, like I was used to!)...and as would stand to reason my personal/beading/blogging time has taken the biggest hit....on the other hand..I'm grateful for more work...and the scenery isn't too shabby!

But now...I do struggle with my time....I've got work:

And I'm still homeschooling my son during this crazy year of transition....I decision I do NOT regret whatsoever!  I've never done anything in my life, that was so challenging, rewarding, informational, and wonderful.  I will miss my little guy when he goes back to 'regular' school next year!

 And then there's growing pile of beadery I want to attack and complete!!!!!!!

 I've just begun working on a little beaded box.  It's so funny - because I began to learn beadweaving by creating amulet purses and little vessels, I feel like I am picking up where I left off on an old, old, old project! 

 And a few days ago I  finally completed the cellini spiral I didn't finish for the Time To Stitch challenge!  I ran out of the large bronze I replaced them with the pale pink beads....

...and then finally finished the piece with cream silk! 

Saturday mornings are usually my beading time...then I squeeze some time in, during another block of time during the weekend depending on what we have scheduled...but, in the next few weeks, I'm hoping to work in another night or two during the week!  


  1. I would say not shabby scenery at all....nice. I didn't home school and often wished I had, but I did spend alot of time in school volunteering and it was so rewarding being that connected with my girls. Good for you the necklace turned out perfect.

  2. Time is always the biggest challenge for some reason! I love the way the necklace turned out and the scenery is beautiful! Have a great holiday weekend!

  3. beautiful scenery! you have so much going on, it is a wonder you have time to bead! your necklace and earrings are beautiful! those colors are just so lovely together. and the vessel...i cannot wait to see how that progresses!

  4. What a gorgeous view! And I agree, wishing there was more time for all my beading projects. Your projects are looking great ;)

  5. Wow!!! That beaded box project looks way cool! All your beadwork is awesome.


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