Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Reflection on Blogging from A-Z

I've been meaning to write this post for several days now!!!  So here are my reflections:
The Blogging from A-Z Challenge is a CHALLENGE!  I mean seriously!  Blogging nearly everyday is not always easy.  I think more than anything, for me, it's a challenge to find meaningful content day after day. And to keep it on topic (which I didn't always do - I definitely veered off topic sometimes!) The writing part is easy, as long as I keep it conversational (I don't think anyone has ever accused me of being 'quiet').
But as challenging as it is, it is also rewarding.  For someone who blogs only about twice a week, or sometimes less,  making it through all 26 letters feels pretty good.   I met a few new people along the way too.  Which, when all is said & done, I've had the most satisfaction when blogging, from the connections I've made! 

Will I do it again next year? Probably!  Although the craft/beading topic was feeling a little stale to me this year, so I will think on something new, but try to relate it to the general topic of my blog!  Which is probably only 80% beading, and 20% life in general! :)

In the meanwhile, I recently treated myself to something I"ve been wanting for a LONG time - a rechargable OTTLITE!!!! 

I was also recently in my most favorite bead store of all time, Bead Soup, and was admiring a class example of Julie Pretl's Little Beaded I treated myself to her book too!  Making amulet bags and little vessels were all I tried to do when I first learned hindsight I should have done a few straps and moved up to the vessels!  The book looks great and I can't wait to start on a box!

And for the fun of's an epic fail I experienced yesterday.....dropped an entire tray of 15/0 pearl seed beads and a few scoops of other colors....little Bingo would have GLADLY chewed up that little box of beads if I didn't shoo him away!


  1. Oh man that bead spill....been there.... A rechargeable ott light! WOW!!! My ott light bulb finally died after about 16 or more years.

  2. Love Julia's book. I have made every box in the book...and more. Have fun with it!!

  3. Oh, dear! Spilled beads are just everywhere!! I find them weeks later in places far, far away from where they spilled! Enjoy the book. One of these days I'll do one of those boxes!

  4. I have a "knock-off" Ott light from Sam's Club I bought years ago. It isn't rechargeable, but I love the light it gives to my work surface. Those little beads all over, that just hurts! Can you put a nylon hose over the end of your vacuum hose to pick them up? That is where it would be handy if there was some sort of bead magnet! :)

    Dropping by on the A to Z road trip. Congrats on finishing the challenge!

  5. I enjoyed finding your blog as part of the Challenge; it was helpful to me that you had identified your topic as Craft. BTW, Bingo looks very sweet. 8-)


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