Friday, June 21, 2013

It's Friday!

It's Friday!  (alternate post title: TGIF...but I think I might use that title too frequently!)  I'm settling down with my typical Friday night fare...

A yummy glass of red wine and some homemade pizza!

So I've been super busy with work....and busier than I realized with some beading...

Finished the super duo twins bracelet from this tutorial....(thanks again Best-Beads ... quality of the beads are great and the color is much prettier in person than in these photos.)

It should be noted...when you are working on the base and deciding how long it should be...plan for an extra inch or so because this bracelet tightens up and the length gets shorter as you finish the rows!  I added an extra loop on both sides so it would fit my wrist...

Made some earrings... (find the tutorial here)

And also began another beaded box....this one was supposed to be a hexagon shaped box...but I myst have missed something because somewhere along the way it began morphing into a round/circular box!  No worries though - I don't mind this look!

I also started playing around with some patterns for next year's Bead It Forward Quilt.  The theme is "Turning the tide on breast cancer" and squares should have a beach/ocean/aquatic theme.

These patterns are free for use for anyone who would like to contribute to the 2014 quilt.  It was SO FUN to see some of my patterns turn up in the quilt for this year! :)

So without further ado - here is the first pattern:
I have several in my files so stay tuned for more patterns!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Your seed bead work is so exquisite. That pizza looks awesome too.

  2. Love the bracelet, love the earrings and very intrigued by the box. What beautiful work!

  3. You have been busy! I love that bracelet. I'll have to look up that pattern. I find it hard to design with the two holed beads, so I'm on the lookout for fun patterns. Oh, and that pizza looks delicious! Hope all is going well and you're enjoying summer!

  4. Hi Amy,
    You wore me out just reading this LOL! Love the bracelet going to have to give it a try along with the beautiful earrings. Looking forward to seeing the final morphing of your beautiful beaded box. That is a very cute little turtle looking forward to seeing more of your patterns. Oh and the pizza look very yummy!

  5. Amy, your box will have a more defined shape once you do the hem. Love the colours!!

  6. I really like the box! REALLY!


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