Friday, June 7, 2013


It's Friday!  And this morning I had a wild hair and went on a tutorial shopping spree.  It started at about 7:00am this morning as I scrolled down my Facebook news feed and came across Nancy Dale's post about her new tutorial, Hexagon Bangle/Rope.  Having just the night before thought to myself, I need some more tutorials...I clicked and purchased. (Don't let anyone tell you that social media marketing doesn't work...and, no, this isn't a shameless plug for the work I do in my 'real' job!)  I also am the proud owner of another Nancy Dale tutorial so it was a comfortable purchase.  So then I thought to myself - who else's tutorials have I enjoyed? That prompted me to hop over to Kristen's etsy shop and grab her Gumdrop Peaks tutorial! I picked up a few more tutorials and I can't wait to bead them up and share!

I have had the pleasure of receiving some super duo twin beads over the last couple months.  One set from The Best Beads and another set from Preciosa.  But to be honest I've been struggling with those twins!  I have attempted using the twins many times but...well...I'm starting to think I"m an 'old dog'.....

I've started and stopped and taken apart and restarted with these beads so many times!

Took this apart...didn't really know where I was going with it.....

 I took the two pieces above apart because I didn't like the way they were laying.  A little too ruffly.
 FINALLY, I stumbled upon a cute tutorial the other day - Wings Super Duo Bracelet.  The instructions are very easy to understand and it's working up nicely. 
I hope to finish this bracelet tonight and will post the results soon!  And I am very excited to work up the pieces from the tutorials that are in my inbox right now!!  


  1. Do those beads have 2 holes in them? I like how your bracelet is coming out with them!

  2. Very nice! Look forward to seeing the finished bracelet ;)

  3. I know what you mean about the two holed beads. I like them but there is a trick to using them that I haven't discovered yet! And, a lot of patterns out there don't appeal to me. I've found one I'm using now that I really like, but they aren't easy to design with. Hope all is going well.

  4. I do like most your third bracelet and guess what - I have also thought about buying the Hexagone Bangle/Rope tutorial ... but I've just bought a polymer clay tutorial series that needs to be used first, so I have to hold myself back ... ;-D


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