Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fish are Friends Reveal and Blog Hop

Gosh - I had fun with this one!!!

I first saw this little fish a few weeks ago, on Shirley's blog, and made a mental note to myself that I'd have to get that tutorial and give it a try.  It sat in my 'cart' for a while and finally I bought it.  Then this past week, Karen, the designer of this tute contacted me to see if I wanted to be a part of the hop!  So I put the projects on my trays away and put this fish on the top!

So glad I did!!!

Karen's directions are fantastic, and this fish will whip up in just a couple hours.  Seriously - if I'd had more time before knowing about this challenge, I can't imagine how many more I would have made!  There will definitely be more of these in my future and I can't wait to try more color combinations, bead variations and core variations!!!

I first did a "large" fish.  I liked it so much at this stage, I practically wanted to stop. *I want to note here, that I didn't have any of the correct oval flat beads for this projects.  I improvised with a flat-ish bead, and also added a couple of 6/0 beads in the narrower part of the body.  It wasn't ideal, but for my first try, I was still enjoying the shape. 

I kept going, but again, I liked the shape I didn't really want to cover it up with the side fins! LOL!

Next up was a "small" fish.  This time I used some felt glued together for the core.

Love, love, love this little guy!!!

If you like little fish, and want to learn more about creating with Right-Angle-Weave - you should give this a try.  Be mindful of the core bead - if you don't have the flat ovals, you will want to be sure you have some felt or something to use in place (as Karen suggest in her directions, I was glad to have some on hand!)

I am looking forward to seeing all the participants' fish!  One thing I'm especially curious about is to see if/how everyone is planning on wearing the fish.  I added a beaded loop to one of the dorsal fins of the pink fish, but I think I will add a jump ring somewhere on the green fish!

Check out the other participants here!


  1. Love your fish! This looks like it was a fun hop!

  2. Your colors remind me of the seashore, and the gold accents are the perfect finishing touch for these fun shapes. They'd be perfect worn on a simple chain (or as dangles on your summer bag.)

  3. Those came out so great! I wish I had the patience for seed bead work.

  4. well done! both are great, and your RAW stitch looks perfect! those are some nice look'n fish!

  5. Amy, I am so glad you joined in! Like you, I often find myself wanting to stop right after I get the tail and body together. It's such an elegant shape.

    Your two remind me of the tiny, brightly colored fish I used to admire so at the local pet store. And I have to agree with the earlier comment - your colors really do remind me of the seashore.

  6. What awesome fish. I love the colors and the gold accents are fabulous. They look so regal. :)

  7. Girl! I'm so loving your variations, and those are great colors! I do like how your bead gave the first one a definite shape, and I think I'm going to try the felt on my next one. Or the one after that....they are so very addictive. :)

  8. Very nice. Great shapes and colors.

  9. Very nice. Great shapes and colors.

  10. Great fish, Amy! I love them both -- but especially the blue one with the awesome eyes. What's really cool is how everyone personified them. Wonderful work, Amy!

  11. Just love your fish and the color pallet you chose. I have to say I am enjoying everyone's variations. Your colors are so serene.

    I did not even try to stuff mine with a core bead. I used saran. I have heard of using felt- it was a success for you, maybe on one of my future projects I will give it a try.

  12. These are great! I am esp smitten with the green one :-)
    I have the tutorial, but have only half done. I need to practice my increase adn decrease RAW a bit. But Karen makes the best tutorials!

  13. Hi Amy,
    I am back from Florida and just now getting around to the blog hop. I love your fish they both have such unique personalities and the colors are gorgeous. I was going to make more and make a mobile out of them, but did not get around to making more than one. I think I will make it into a pendant.


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