Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Thinking Ahead

After learning about the theme for the 2014 Bead-It-Forward quilt (Turn the Tide on Cancer), I got right to work on some patterns.  Creating peyote patterns isn't as easy as you may think...there are some great programs out there (I use BeadTool)...but no matter how great your image, there is always some tweaking to do when the image is converted to a pattern.  Sometimes the edits are obvious, other times you need to actually bead up the pattern to see if there are any issues!

I worked up a few patterns over the weekend and am mostly happy with the results, but still have a little bit of editing to do before I can post the patterns!

Also - in spite of the fact that I have read umpteen books on color theory...I haven't learned the importance of contrast..note how difficult it is to see the poor little turtle's paws & tail! I guess I was dying to use those lime colored delicas and the off-white lined a/b finish for the background!  I really should have stopped a few rows in!

And the mermaid's flesh colored arm pretty much blends in with the white background and some of the orange hair.  

If you think you would like to contribute to the 2014 Bead-It-Forward quilt project, I should be posting lots of patterns soon!!


  1. Hi Amy,
    Besides the few color issues I think the little patterns are very pretty. Looking forward to getting the patterns when you post them.

  2. Those are coming out great! I have had trouble w/ colour issues too, that's why I do so many colouring books. It's really helped a lot.


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