Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sea Glass and Crystals

It's been a great week, albeit busy.  Got my son ready to return to public school.

  I'm not gonna lie...after a year of homeschooling, I had some anxiety about this on so many levels...was he ready? did we cover enough material in sixth grade? did I give him enough social interaction over the year? will he like being back in school? will he like being at a new school in a new town and a new state!?  and so on !!!!!!!

But after the third day of school, I found this little green smiley face on the calendar that he put there, next to the post about school starting!

All reports from the student himself, suggest he's enjoying his new school quite a bit!

Been taking some classes to learn how to use my Adobe creative suite software better, and having lots of fun with it!
My son with our dog Molly on the beach!

My niece fishing on the coast of the Atlantic.

And thankfully have been squeezing in a little time for beading.  I was fortunate to receive some more fabulous bead from ZNet Shows and combine them with some that I already had. I just loved the blue color of the sea glass rings combined with the teal crystal!

Loved this toggle, however, it didn't function properly and I've since replaced it with a copper lobster claw clasp!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Free Pattern and Color Palette and other stuff!

Happy Friday!!!
I've been working on and tweaking some patterns for the 2014 Bead-It-Forward quilt.  Here is a fun little pattern of a beach scene!
 I worked this one up a few weeks ago and love the way it came out...

Enjoyed a trip to the farm market earlier this week and made some fresh coleslaw! YUM !  Here is a color palette I did because I was so taken with the pretty cabbage and onions! I also started a color palette page!

And speaking of food....I have somehow found my way back into the restaurant industry.  A long long time ago...when my son was only five (and I was apparently quite a bit skinnier)....I swore I would never work in a restaurant again...

...I had just completed 22 years in the restaurant industry.  I was burnt out, tired, jaded, and stressed beyond my wildest dreams, working way too many hours per week and trying to balance that with being a single mom.   I quit my job and went out on my own doing events and marketing as a private contractor and doing a few stints here and there with full time or part time jobs. 

Almost everything I worked on over the last seven years has been related to food and/or beverage in some way. Whether it be working on a food and wine festival, on farmers markets, for food distributors, and more!  I also worked for a bit with a whole food supplement company and learned so, so much about food and herbs and their dramatic effect on the body and mind. 

So fast forward to this year when I was once again looking for another part time job to supplement my contracting work, and sent my resume to a local restaurant group who posted a part time job.  The company is rooted in farming and conservation, and have exclusive catering contracts in some of the most delightful historic properties in New England.   (Including this castle ruin that I've blogged about a few times in the past!)

After many interviews, and meetings, and emails...I got the position of marketing director for the whole company.  It wasn't the job I applied for - but I am so much more excited about this job than the one I applied for!  I am feeling unbelievably grateful and blessed and lucky to have had all this line up the way it has.   So I can't help in share in my excitement.  Also, I'm finally realizing how entrenched my life has been with food so I will definitely be getting on my soapbox sharing more of my thoughts and knowledge on the subject!  

In the meanwhile - this weekend I hope to complete my first piece in the ZnetShows "Rings & Bling" challenge.  Here's a sneak peek!

Wishing a great weekend to all! 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer Time!

I am a little in shock as I looked and saw the last time I posted was three weeks ago!!!  I guess I was on hiatus without even realizing it.  I haven't been able to get much beading in lately either...but I did manage two cuffs...

Planning to auction this off to benefit the victims of the Boston Marathon many deserving I'm having a hard time picking out a beneficiary...although I've got my eye on NEADS, an organization who will be providing service dogs free of charge to any of the victims if they so desire.

Seahorse bracelet...still need to add a clasp!

Otherwise, the summer has been filled with visitors and a last minute decision to head to the house in NJ we are trying to sell (that I stayed in last summer during our transition to MA) and a bit of work upheaval (all positive!).  We didn't have any for a hotspot I used to work in the there wasn't any blogging going on then.  So I emptied out my phone of all the pics and here is a photo summary of the last few weeks!

I think I went up this big hill four times in the last few weeks showing friends and family this gorgeous ruin of a castle....ironically my work upheaval is closely tied to this castle (more on that in another post)!

This boy has been reading and fishing and generally enjoying the outdoors.  The library in town is offering a raffle ticket to a $300 gift card if kids read 15 books this summer.  So far he's got 12 under his belt and has until next friday to read three more!

Had a great visit with mom when she came up for a festival her company was having in New Hampshire! 

 Did you ever have one of those birthdays that was just somehow extra special?  I had one of those earlier this month...left the house to do a little grocery shopping and came back to the house decorated in streamers by my husband and son - it was so cute! I especially loved the streamers that were intended to keep me out of the fridge til the appointed time!

It had rained all day, but when we went for dinner, the sky cleared up and we lucked out with a table right next to the water! What a delight!!!

 Bingo was his usual troublesome self!  He's lucky he's so cute most of the time, and I didn't send him to the pound (AS IF I would ever...) when he tore open some of the bags of beads I brought with me!

 Jackson's best buddy from MD came and met us in NJ for a couple days and that was loads of fun.

I wish this house wasn't so far away (eight hours)...because I can honestly say, it ranks right up there as one of my 'happy places'!!!

And we caught an absolutely gorgeous sunset the last night we were in Jersey (I see some color palettes in my future!).

A cool moth that showed up on our fridge one day...

A bowl of noodles and veggies? What's this? I thought is was so pretty!  I hardly ever post food pics...but I do take TONS of pictures of food....and I am finally realizing  - I seem to have a real affinity and strong opinions towards food on many levels and I foresee some dedicated food posts in the future of this blog!!!

Okay - well that's it for now! I have a few patterns almost ready to post for the Bead It Forward 2014 quilt.  I have been as remiss in reading as I have in writing blog I plan to catch up on that this weekend.  Right now I have a ZnetShows challenge on my bead tray and I am so excited to tackle that!