Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Free Pattern and Color Palette and other stuff!

Happy Friday!!!
I've been working on and tweaking some patterns for the 2014 Bead-It-Forward quilt.  Here is a fun little pattern of a beach scene!
 I worked this one up a few weeks ago and love the way it came out...

Enjoyed a trip to the farm market earlier this week and made some fresh coleslaw! YUM !  Here is a color palette I did because I was so taken with the pretty cabbage and onions! I also started a color palette page!

And speaking of food....I have somehow found my way back into the restaurant industry.  A long long time ago...when my son was only five (and I was apparently quite a bit skinnier)....I swore I would never work in a restaurant again...

...I had just completed 22 years in the restaurant industry.  I was burnt out, tired, jaded, and stressed beyond my wildest dreams, working way too many hours per week and trying to balance that with being a single mom.   I quit my job and went out on my own doing events and marketing as a private contractor and doing a few stints here and there with full time or part time jobs. 

Almost everything I worked on over the last seven years has been related to food and/or beverage in some way. Whether it be working on a food and wine festival, on farmers markets, for food distributors, and more!  I also worked for a bit with a whole food supplement company and learned so, so much about food and herbs and their dramatic effect on the body and mind. 

So fast forward to this year when I was once again looking for another part time job to supplement my contracting work, and sent my resume to a local restaurant group who posted a part time job.  The company is rooted in farming and conservation, and have exclusive catering contracts in some of the most delightful historic properties in New England.   (Including this castle ruin that I've blogged about a few times in the past!)

After many interviews, and meetings, and emails...I got the position of marketing director for the whole company.  It wasn't the job I applied for - but I am so much more excited about this job than the one I applied for!  I am feeling unbelievably grateful and blessed and lucky to have had all this line up the way it has.   So I can't help in share in my excitement.  Also, I'm finally realizing how entrenched my life has been with food so I will definitely be getting on my soapbox sharing more of my thoughts and knowledge on the subject!  

In the meanwhile - this weekend I hope to complete my first piece in the ZnetShows "Rings & Bling" challenge.  Here's a sneak peek!

Wishing a great weekend to all! 


  1. Congratulations, again, Amy, on the new job. It's great to be happy with your work.
    The beach scene pattern is very cute. Perfect for my summer of beach memories

  2. Congrats Amy!!! Ya just never know...:-)
    That beaded beach scene looks so relaxing. And I LOVE what you are showing in the sneak peak...can't wait for the reveal!
    Best of everything to you with the new job!

  3. Congratulations on the new job!!! That's so great! Am DYING to see that castle! I'm going to have to go up there and visit you one of these days! :D I love the beadwork too. Is that flat peyote done with 2 beads instead of one?

  4. Hi,Amy:
    I've read Your post with the special attention and interest.It seems,thanks to this I've got Known You more as well as Your life.
    New job means the new challenge and if You are happy with the conditions,it will bring You lots of satisfaction,except for money,which is not without the meaning.Congrats!:-)
    I am also very much interested with the castle,You've presented in Your blog post.Fine photo of the cabbage and onions looks like the next ready made pattern for beading:-)The picture of Your new 'Ring&Bling'challenge is rather enigmatic,but the part of the beadwork I can see here,raises the hope of seeing something really beautiful in the days to come:-)
    Best Greetings-Halinka-

  5. p.s:
    The sun,the sea and the beach-this is what I love! :-))


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