Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer Time!

I am a little in shock as I looked and saw the last time I posted was three weeks ago!!!  I guess I was on hiatus without even realizing it.  I haven't been able to get much beading in lately either...but I did manage two cuffs...

Planning to auction this off to benefit the victims of the Boston Marathon many deserving I'm having a hard time picking out a beneficiary...although I've got my eye on NEADS, an organization who will be providing service dogs free of charge to any of the victims if they so desire.

Seahorse bracelet...still need to add a clasp!

Otherwise, the summer has been filled with visitors and a last minute decision to head to the house in NJ we are trying to sell (that I stayed in last summer during our transition to MA) and a bit of work upheaval (all positive!).  We didn't have any for a hotspot I used to work in the there wasn't any blogging going on then.  So I emptied out my phone of all the pics and here is a photo summary of the last few weeks!

I think I went up this big hill four times in the last few weeks showing friends and family this gorgeous ruin of a castle....ironically my work upheaval is closely tied to this castle (more on that in another post)!

This boy has been reading and fishing and generally enjoying the outdoors.  The library in town is offering a raffle ticket to a $300 gift card if kids read 15 books this summer.  So far he's got 12 under his belt and has until next friday to read three more!

Had a great visit with mom when she came up for a festival her company was having in New Hampshire! 

 Did you ever have one of those birthdays that was just somehow extra special?  I had one of those earlier this month...left the house to do a little grocery shopping and came back to the house decorated in streamers by my husband and son - it was so cute! I especially loved the streamers that were intended to keep me out of the fridge til the appointed time!

It had rained all day, but when we went for dinner, the sky cleared up and we lucked out with a table right next to the water! What a delight!!!

 Bingo was his usual troublesome self!  He's lucky he's so cute most of the time, and I didn't send him to the pound (AS IF I would ever...) when he tore open some of the bags of beads I brought with me!

 Jackson's best buddy from MD came and met us in NJ for a couple days and that was loads of fun.

I wish this house wasn't so far away (eight hours)...because I can honestly say, it ranks right up there as one of my 'happy places'!!!

And we caught an absolutely gorgeous sunset the last night we were in Jersey (I see some color palettes in my future!).

A cool moth that showed up on our fridge one day...

A bowl of noodles and veggies? What's this? I thought is was so pretty!  I hardly ever post food pics...but I do take TONS of pictures of food....and I am finally realizing  - I seem to have a real affinity and strong opinions towards food on many levels and I foresee some dedicated food posts in the future of this blog!!!

Okay - well that's it for now! I have a few patterns almost ready to post for the Bead It Forward 2014 quilt.  I have been as remiss in reading as I have in writing blog I plan to catch up on that this weekend.  Right now I have a ZnetShows challenge on my bead tray and I am so excited to tackle that! 


  1. The Red Sox bracelet is so awesome! Looks like you've had a great summer so far!

  2. Hello,Amy:-)
    Nice to see and read Your new vacation blog post.Lovely Summer bracelets and the Summer climate of Your all photos.The dish looks really nice,I bet it tasted so good to-fine ready made pattern for beading:-))The photos of food is the good idea-I've also made some and will insert them someday in my second,where I write at the time to time about my life here in Sweden.
    Best Greetings-Halinka-

  3. Loved the glimpse into your summer fun! And your cuffs are beautiful! Glad you are back Amy!

  4. Hi Amy,
    It looks like you enjoyed your little hiatus from your blog. I enjoyed viewing the photos. Jackson is really growing, and the photo of you and your husband on the beach is very nice.
    I love your beaded cuffs I hope the Red Sox one brings in a big bid.


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