Thursday, September 26, 2013

Challenges and challenges!

Well hello there!! It's been a few weeks since I've stepped into the blogosphere.  I haven't read any posts or even attemped to get on and write any posts. 

Lately my world has consisted of mostly this:


And this:
And this:

I'm loving it, but to be honest - between work, back to school groove, and wanting to get outside and enjoy the gorgeous fall weather...well...I have only picked up some beads twice this month!!! So it's been a challenge to get anything substantial to write about bead-wise. 

But I did sign up for a couple upcoming challenges.  I figure at the minimum - it will get me to my bead trays! First one up is Shirley and Sheryl's Seed Beads and Metal Hop.  I got my package last week and I can't wait to play with these beads!  Come back on October 19 for the reveal!

 I also tried one of the projects in the "Beading Babes" challenge this time around.  It was the ruffled earrings.  I like this pattern, but I didn't like the way it fell kind of floppy.  I also didn't have any petals so I used daggers instead.  I think I may go through some of the beads again to see if it will stiffen up.  Also - I only did one - and I"m going to use it as a pendant.  These would be bigger than I like to wear for earrings!  (P.S.  Beading Babes reveal is this Sunday on Facebook, but I will be surprised if I find myself near my computer for blogging in the next week!!)

More challenges are coming and I will update as they come along.

A couple weeks ago, I taught a class in Concord, and fell in love with a new craft! Paper Quilling!!!! Oh my gosh!  This is SOOOOOOOOOOO fun!!!!  I'll definitely be doing more of this!

Okay well that's all for now.  Here's to hoping I can find some beading time VERY SOON!  The holidays are around the corner and I have a long list of projects in mind!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

More Sea Glass and Crystals!

I have partnered with ZnetShows on some projects and here is another set of jewelry I made with the awesome components they sent!


I so enjoy working with the sea glass components....and their Chinese crystal line is wonderful too! 

 A while back I created a rivioli bezel when I was visiting Bead Soup in Savage, Maryland last April.  This is modified from a "quickie" project that was in Beadwork magazine (I beleive June/July 2011)....and I recently made a pair of earrings to compliment the bezel.   But FOR THE LIFE OF ME I cannot get this set to photograph well!!!  Every time I photograph any of my jewelry I keep this set on hand to see if I can get it in a better light or something but to no avail! 


Anyway - I've tried on my iphone too and nothing seems to work.  It's so frustrating!

Now I am off to work on some fall inspired patterns!!!!  It's getting brisk in the evenings here in New England and you can really tell that autumn is on the way!