Tuesday, October 15, 2013


First I want to say thank you to all the folks who encouraged me to finish up that weaving from my previous post! And for all the great tips! I am definitely going to work at finishing it in the coming weeks.  In the meanwhile, I haven't picked up a single bead since my last post except to move it, if it was in my way. I better get a move-on however, since I am taking part in Shirley & Sheryl's blog hop with a Saturday reveal!

The good thing is however, I've sorted through what I want to do so now I just need to get into my bead chair and do it!

Still working like crazy but also still having lots of fun.  New England is absolutely gorgeous this time of year.  The colors are stunning. So I figured I'd do a couple of color palettes!

This is a view in front of one of my restaurants for work:

This is one of the centerpieces from a wedding I popped in on to take photos of food:

 And for fun here are a couple of collages....first up is a property on Massachusetts' North Shore called The Crane Estate / Castle Hill.  My company's catering company does lots of wedding here.  It was an overcast day, but was still spectacular! Check out those rolling hills to the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean! Breathtaking!

I came across a flock of turkeys on the way out! (do you say "flock" for turkeys? there was a male on the other side of the bushes!)

Some fun food pictures!

That's all for now....but I'll be back Saturday with some real, actual beadwork!!! Yay!


  1. The photo in that first color palette is gorgeous! Those colors are really inspiring...in any season.
    Those little pancakes...my imagination has me drooling!

  2. What a gorgeous estate! And I love the first colour palette. Fall here is beautiful!

  3. I love all the palette photos!!! I am finally catching up too! Busy Busy Busy!!!

  4. The pictures are beautiful! Fall is spectacular in New England! Sitting in the beading chair is always the hardest part of beading when life gets busy! Good luck!

  5. Gorgeous photos Amy! Sometimes life gets crazy and the beads will be there waiting for you when you have time and creativity to sit down and play with them. I love the caviar crackers that look like a mini bunch of grapes! So clever!


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