Monday, October 7, 2013

The Art of Beadwork by Jane Lock

Confession: I  did a HUGE happy dance when I picked up a copy of this book and saw my earrings in there!!! Of course I had to send them in to be photographed for the book so I knew they were going to be in there....but actually seeing it...WOW! 

So not only am I excited that my earrings were included in this book....I'm excited to be in a book of such great quality!  It is a great companion book for beaders at any level. I am so impressed by how current and well organized this book is!   I feel like I can speak from authority here having learned everything I know from bead books (that were published 20 years ago!) 

Jane Lock covers it all in this book!  The gallery is an inspirational collection of work.  There is a great reference section covering in detail all aspects of beading...from shapes & sizes of beads to color & design, and everything in between.  There are plenty of pages featuring stitch techniques  And if you are ready to try out all you've learned, there are five tutorials/projects created by super talented designers!

Jane Lock's book is well written and peppered with tons of wonderful little tips and tricks! 

Here is a link to the book on Amazon.
I can't wait to try all the projects in this book!

In the meanwhile - I've been squeezing in a wee bit of beading lately now that I am beginning to feel a rhythm with my new job.  I got a wild hare to try weaving some peyote stitch strips....weaving some's getting a bit frustrating as it falls apart quite a bit.... but I may try to play with it a little more before I give up!

I have had these "satin" delicas for many years now and never used them, but I looooooooove the way they look when they are woven together!  


  1. Congratulations! It's so exciting to see something you've made in print. I love the woven peyote. Would it work better if you tacked the strips down before weaving them? At least the warp strips and then you can tack the weft as you go. It might help. Glad to hear you're getting into a routine with work.

  2. Congrats Amy!!!!! This is fantastic~You are in a Book!!!!! And it certainly sounds like a good quality book. Happy Dancing with you :-D When I saw this photo, I remembered that I started following your blog on a much more regular basis when you posted these for the Music hop. I fell in love with these instantly. They are so rich and have great structure but they also look like they have awesome movement.
    And the peyote weave is great~I hope it works out so you can finish it!

  3. Congratulations Amy!! I'm SO happy for you!!! What a feather in your must be overwhelming! :D I am going to put it on my Amazon shopping list. The weaving is really awesome, I hope you stick with it because I'd love to see the finished product.

  4. Congratulations Amy, it is one thing to be published in a magazine (which I am honored to have been published for the first and only time so far with you in Beadwork magazine) but in a book that is totally fantastic. I love the earrings they are gorgeous. I have put the book in my wish list on Amazon.

  5. Oh hey, I got so excited about you being in the book, that I forgot to say how much I like this idea you have of weaving strips of peyote together. It is so pretty I love the colors and the shine the delicas have. Looking forward to seeing the finished design.

  6. Doing the happy dance with you, my friend! That is so very awesome! That book is on my Christmas wish list. I love the peyote weave, stick with it. Not sure how you would feel about it, but what if you used a bead embroidery backing? I've seen those satin beads, and heard they are a bit hard to work with, but boy, they sure are pretty in that weave!

  7. The woven satin delicas are gorgeous indeed! And congratulations on the book. . .

  8. Congratulations! I can see why your earrings were included in her book....they are down right gorgeous!!

    I also like what you are trying to do with the woven bead strands. I do agree with Shirley...using bead embroidery technique would work well. Maryanne's idea to tack them down (I think adhesive) could work too and adhesives are often used with embroidery jewelry technique. A backing will also give your finished piece more structure/stability. (not leave it floppy). Your weaving project would really make a great pendant.

    Whatever you decide to do with your weaving, I hope you don't give up and I hope that you will share your results on your blog.

  9. hi Amy! It's been forever since I've been able to be online and see all my favorite blogger friends. CONGRATS on being in the book! There is nothing better then when life gives us moments that call for a happy dance! - loss

    1. my computer keeps spell checking my name and replacing it with other things.. that should have said Liss, not loss..

  10. Congrats!!! I am so happy for you!!!! I love weaving the weaving I wish I had a bit more time to play.


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