Saturday, October 26, 2013

Today I am....

I saw this on Hope's blog (Crafty Hope!)the other day and thought it was cute and figured....even if I don't have anything beady to blog about, a little prompter like this would keep me active on the blog!
Thanks Hope!

Currently, I'm. . .

:  weddings.....for work....I keep a Pinterest page going for work, and this morning I"m looking  up and bookmarking several wedding blogs that I need to make sure I "Pin" this weekend!

Creating: a beaded bezel for a challenge I have coming up in a few weeks.  I'm finally finding some time on the weekends to do some beading! Yay!

Enjoying: my cup of black tea, and cinnamon toast.

Feeling: tired....

Giggling: that I think I gave myself poison ivy all over my (ahem) d├ęcolletage while I was adjusting my bra strap while working in the woods the other day....why was I in the woods?? Well, we live on an extremely busy route and in order to walk my dogs, we have to put them in the car and take them somewhere to walk....there is a yard that abuts us from behind, but that neighbor didn't seem to find a neighborly bone in her body when I asked if I could cut through her yard (along the woods) (I mean seriously - she has a bazillion acres and probably wouldn't even notice me cutting along the side of her yard all of 100 feet) to get into the neighborhood with safer streets.....she said no! So there is decently sized patch of woods that runs along the busy route about a quarter of a mile to the closest street that leads to a walkable I have taken it upon myself to cut a safe path through the woods so I don't have to endanger myself or my dogs on the crazy busy road!!!  Note to self: wear a sports bra next time!  I've got it all along my waistband too...and yes, I recall having to pull my pants up several times while cutting brush! Another note to self: wear a belt next time.
My's meandering....

Listening: to my son and his friend who slept over talk about a Pokemon battle.  Seriously - it's like another language altogether!

:  not listing anything on line, but making a list! A list of all the things I want to do today and a list of all the beading commitments I have coming up!

Needing: more time in this weekend!

Noticing: that this prompt list is in alphabetical order.

Reading: book 4 in the Island of Fog series.  My son is an avid reader.  I came across the first book in this series for him on BookBub as a free listing, and he was hooked.  He plowed through the remaining books and really recommended I check it out too.  I see why he did, it's a really fun fantasy/sci-fi series for middle school ages and I can't put it down either when I'm reading it.  It's a real page turner and the characters are well developed and I keep wanting more when I finish a book to see what these characters' next adventure will be!

Watching: Breaking Bad.  Not right this second...but after the Emmy's last month, my husband and I decided to check it out and now we're seriously 'binge-watching' this show every single night and on the weekends.  Just finished season 4 last night! This show is SO GOOD!  I can't believe I have waited this long to check it out.

Wearing: My pj's still!

Wishing: that someone would come and finish cutting the path through the woods for me! :) In the meanwhile, i need to load these dogs up and get them out for a walk!


  1. I enjoyed Hope's post like this and now yours too. We might not have heard the nasty neighbor/delicate poison ivy story had you not done this. It is a testimony to your character that you can list that whole story under "giggle". People can be rotten and it sounds like she is one of them. When it is scooping time in the yard, I would make sure most of it landed in her woods. I guess that is a testimony to my character.
    I hope you get some relief from the poison ivy!

  2. Poison ivy...ugh. I had an internship supervisor once who came to work covered in it....he'd been clearing his property over the weekend. He says to me, 'The really bad thing is....I had to relieve myself while working in the yard and...well....' I couldn't help but chuckle.

  3. You are too funny Amy I loved reading this post, hey maybe Hope started something. You are a very busy lady I see now why you say you need to find time to bead. I would buy some spray to kill that pesky Ivy before going back out there. I hope you get over the effects of the poison ivy. OH and by the way, I can not wait to see that bezel project you are working on.

  4. Love this post, Amy! Did you intend for it to be alphabetical? And, I hope the poison ivy gets better fast!! I agree with Therese, buy some spray! I can't wait to see what your beading produces. I'm sure it will be beautiful!

  5. Ha! I'm so happy you liked this blog post format. It really is perfect when you have nothing else to talk about. And, yes. . .it's alphabetical on purpose. I did that. I can be a bit neurotic about things like that. I hope the poison ivy clears up soon and can't believe your neighbor was so nasty. Pshaw on her I say!!

  6. I also got a late start watching Breaking Bad but once I started I couldn't stop. I was able to catch up in time to watch the series finale. Now I miss watching it.

    Ouch on the poison ivy. I hope it goes away soon.


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