Saturday, December 28, 2013

Beading, Holidays, and more!

I think this may be the longest hiatus this blog has ever seen!!!! Life has been incredibly busy the last two months.  As I mentioned back in the fall, I got a new job here in MA.  That's been keeping me busy (tough life having to market all these beautiful menus and properties, eh??)

Earlier this week I decided that I'd blog this Saturday (here we are!)  Went through the pictures in my computer and decided it would just be easiest to let them tell the story of what I've been up to over the last month or so!!  So in no particular order here they are!

Right after Thanksgiving, I gave a huge focus on getting in some beading time.  I committed to sticking to the time and got tons of gifts done for this season!

I went to the bead store at the beginning of the month with the intention of only picking up this:

 But ended up getting all this:

Baked about 12 dozen of these cookies (dark chocolate, macadamia, cherry - yum...hit me up if you want the recipe!)

But I didn't get to deliver about half of them because my husband had to go here and was then admitted for a short stay (all is well now, thankfully, but it was stressful to say the least, but a good moment to stop assess, reassess, count blessings etc...!)

 Worked on a free-form necklace for a xmas gift and couldn't help but photo-document the process.  This is on of my favorite methods of beading and I should do it more!

The holidays meant seeing plenty of my sweet nieces! I can't put into words how much I love these girls! 

 We got two good size snow storms....starting to think we're in the sweet-spot for decent accumulation here in MA!  (yay - was able to put a shovel in this kid's hands this year!)

And speaking of this kid....without sounding too mushy....he was a constant source of strength, grace, good humor and congeniality this season.  Things got stressful from time to time, but he was always there asking if he could help, and just generally bringing good cheer.   Here is is the last day of school before break...when I packed him up with cookies to share at school he said, he better put on his elf hat! 

 Here's another xmas gift from this holiday season!  I also made a handful of things that I forgot to even photograph!

The week before xmas brought two good storms - one dumped 8 inches and the next we got 9!   warm weather and rain the following week made most of it melt away, but we still had a white Christmas since there was still about 4 inches on the ground and we had a few 1inch dustings!

Also made a handful of these pretty snowflakes.  Although I downloaded a book filled with ton's of Sandra D Halpenny's snowflakes, I decided to focus on one.  It was the smart thing to do because after a couple, I barely needed the pattern anymore and was producing them at a good speed! 

Well, I guess that's all for least all that I've documented with my camera or iPhone!  I have missed about the last three weeks of reading my favorite blogs and plan to get to those tomorrow morning!  In the meanwhile, today will be filled with selecting patterns and picking out beads for quilt patches for the Bead-It-Forward quilt in 2014!