Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Beading and Snowy Owls

Although I haven't been posting a lot lately (except my Focus on Life photo posts!), I have been beading a lot!

 Some earrings to go with my Time to Stitch chenille stitch pendant...and a neutral piece to go with all the black and gray I've been wearing lately!

Also - I finished this UFO that I started, literally, years ago.  The cab was from a giveaway I won from Lori at Out of the Flames!  (And Kristen of My Bead Journey's Pop Up Pearls are always perfect for whipping up a quick pair of earrings!)

And last weekend I crossed something off my bucket list which was to see a snowy owl.  Over the years I've seen photos here or there of snowy owls along the coast, along with a blurb about how rare a sighting is below Canada.   So when I started reading about the snowy owl irruption I couldn't wait to go explore our beaches.

I went to Plum Island with my son last week and it was a bummer that we didn't see any.  So then I started doing some investigating on Instagram (just hashtag #snowyowl and you'll see all the clues), and found there seemed to be many spotted the next day in Plum Island, and even more along the beach just north of Plum Island, at Salisbury Beach. Determined, I signed my husband and I up for a tour of the PI refuge thinking the guide would surely have the inside scoop on where the owls were being spotted.  I was wrong...the guide was delightful, but he didn't know where the owls were any better than us folks on the tour.  Then just as we were about to leave the refuge, one of the folks on the tour spotted this beauty perched on a tree!

I practically tackled my husband getting out of the van.  He pretty cool about it.

As we left the refuge, we saw another perched on a house kind of far away.   I couldn't have been more excited that I finally got to see two snowy owls!!! Then we were thinking of heading home.  But I looked on my phone and saw the Salisbury was just a few miles up the road.  When we were at a crossroads, and I was about to take the left to go home and there was a sign with an arrow pointing right to Salisbury, my hubs said, nah....let's just go and take a quick look.

We were not disappointed!!!  Just approaching the entrance to the beach we saw this guy!

Then down the road we saw another perched on a house.  We stopped the car and watched him for a while when suddenly he flew just over head of our car (so neat, he was so close!!!) onto a tree close by.

AMAZING.  These creatures were just stunning. 

I see a telephoto zoom lens in my future!!!!


  1. Beautiful beadwork, and the owl is stunning. We actually got to see one up close in Denver last summer - I was amazed at the actual size of the wingspan as he took off.

  2. Congratulations on finding your owls! I don't live close enough to where snowy owls are sighted, but I really want to see - and photograph a bald eagle!

  3. Ooops! I forgot to mention your stunning beadwork. Love your use of pearls!

  4. What a treat your owl-sighting was, and thanks so much for sharing your adventure with us. Love the shot of the owl winging over the frozen ground. That creamy pearl necklace is just beautiful, so light and understated. But I think the cab would look great with black and grey, too!

  5. Your beading is beautiful, as always, Amy! That snowy owl is fantastic and it's so nice that you finally got to see one. I don't know if you've heard that there was one in the District a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, he flew into a bus (I think it was a bus) and then was hit by a car. In the Post yesterday they said the owl is recovering nicely and is becoming feisty again which is taken as a good sign. But the pictures of him in the paper were amazing! They are so beautiful. Hope all is going well. We missed the ice storm yesterday by being on the good side of the snow line!

  6. WOW! And that's for both your beading and the owl shots!!!! i hope to see one someday. I remember how excited I was the first time I saw a wild bald eagle out in WA. That was so cool.

  7. Your weaving always speaks to me...just beautiful! I love your style!
    The owls~I showed the Bird Man I live with your FB photos this weekend and he went a little nuts! He was envious but happy for you guys for seeing the snowies. Years back he heard of a sighting an hour away and we went. The kids were toddlers then. They were incredibly tolerant and we saw the snowy owl! He was absolutely thrilled! He goes on to all the time to see the bird activity and to put in his own observations.
    You took some fantastic photos, Amy!!! They all look professional. YaY! You saw the snowies!!!

  8. First, that beading is gorgeous! Agree with Christine .... it's just beautiful and love your style. And then that snowy owl ... how cool is that? so awesome you saw one in person!

  9. your beadwork is just amazing!!! love that white one very much!!
    Moxie Craftie

  10. Beautiful photos Amy. I'm glad that you got to cross seeing a snowy owl off your bucket list. A few years ago we had lots of owls. I did some research and found out that about every ten years the rodents that they feed on have a population slump in Canada. That forces the owls further south to search for food. Enjoy the owls this year because it may be a while before they are back again.


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