Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Beading, BSBP, and Quilling

I was delighted to receive the name of my Beads Soup Blog Party partner yesterday!!  It is Annita of AW Jewelry & Beadwork.  Another bonus, is she shares my love of seed beads!! Check out her blog or her Facebook page to see some of her beautiful work.  I have her focal picked out, now it's time to get the rest of the soup ingredients together!!

This past weekend, I finally finished my quilled seahorse!! I am so happy with it.  It took longer than I thought, but I really enjoy this craft and already have another project on deck!

This weekend didn't produce a lot of beadwork, but I did get these earrings done.  They are chenille stitch connected at the end of each tube.  I only did about 26-30 rounds, and connected the ends, and they ended up about the size of a quarter. 

I also had the pleasure of meeting a fellow blogger yesterday.  Moriah, from Fuzzy Slipper Designs, who lives near me and won some earrings from a recent drawing last month, met me for a cup of coffee.  She is so sweet, and also so talented.  She gifted me with these lovely cards!!
Enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. Love the seahorse, another thing we have in common!

  2. Your seahorse is beautiful! And, those earrings are really great. If you can believe it I've never tried chenille stitch but it's on my list!

  3. Looking forward to seeing what beads you receive and what you make with them for BSBH. Moriah's cards are adorable!
    Your seahorse is really lovely~very soothing colors. The mix of the colors and the coils make him look like he is in motion :-)
    LOVE those earrings! FOUR color chenille?! You are brave. I am too hesitant to try. The results are stunning, though.

  4. Hi Amy,
    I love the little seahorse it is so cute. The earrings are very pretty. I never thought about making hoops with the
    Chenille stitch. Have fun with the BSBP, I am not participating this go around. Those are some very cute cards that Moriah gifted you. It is always fun to meet crafty people. I will miss you at the end of March so sad that you will not be coming.

  5. I use to love quilling!!! Your seahorse is awesome!

  6. Quilling always blows my mind. I don't even have words

  7. Love the seahorse. Quilling is one of the crafts I haven't started =)

  8. This is so cool! I've never seen quilling before, but it is so beautiful!


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