Monday, April 7, 2014

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F.....F is for Facebook....followers, fans, feelings, food, fish, farm.....

Although this is a blog primarily about beading, I have a 'real job' as a marketing director for a restaurant group...and a couple other accounts on the side, almost all relating to food (several restaurants, event venues, farm, farm market, seafood distributor, beads).
So I spend quite a bit of time on Facebook (among other social media platforms!)!  I manage 14 accounts (including my Amybeads Facebook account which, in spite of the fact that I market businesses for a living, I seem to do a terrible job or am just shy about marketing myself!).

My days are spent producing content, distributing and hoping all the fans and followers will feel happy when they see our posts!

It's not the worst job in the world (read that: I LOOOOOOOVE MY JOB!)....I'm lucky because all of the businesses I market, are fantastic places that I really believe in, and all of them have lots of interesting things going on to share.   There is a certain gratification that comes along with it too because I can measure very quickly how people feel about the content I am posting.  I can analyze the heck out of insights and see what people love....and what people just don't care about!

Another fun aspect is learning about 'observance days'...April isn't just for Earth Day and Easter....did you know that April 7, 1933 sales of beer in the U.S would become legal...and that April 12 is also National Grilled Cheese Day??

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  1. I too spend some time on facebook, not the other social media sites, I really prefer the depth that blogging offers over the the quick here and there of social media. Grilled cheese day you say...yum!
    Traveling Suitcase

    Here through A-Z

  2. That sounds like lots of fun what you do. 14 accounts! Wow! That's a lot of passwords to remember. lol

  3. It is good to love your job... but if I see one more post with pics of such delicious foods, I just may have to have a low-carb dieter's hissy fit! :) Grilled cheese... I'll have to try a gourmet one sometime. :)

    When it comes time for me to do more social advocating, business-wise, I'll have to keep you in mind for tips. Writer’s Mark


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