Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Blogging from A-Z • H

H is for HANKS....those lovely bunches of seed beads that I just adore! (okay - to be fair, I have yet to meet a seed bead that I didn't adore!)

Hanks of seed beads are typically of the Czech variety - and unlike their Japanese counterpart, are not all uniform. One might think that is a bad thing, but it's not!  There is a place in the world for every size seed bead! And sometimes, it's beneficial to have the same color seed bead in varying widths and sizes...especially in bead embroidery and certain off loom weaving projects!

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  1. And I have hanks and hanks of Czech 11o beads too. Tons of them.

  2. They look so much prettier and more tempting in hanks than they ever do in tubes LOL!

  3. Indeed hanks are sexy bundles of sparkle. tubes and little plastic bags just don't show the beads off as well. I love Czech beads just for the reason you state, you can always find a smaller or larger bead to fit a tough spot.

  4. I love those hanks of seed beeds - makes my little pots look insignificant! New follower :)
    Suzanne @Suzannes Tribe

  5. Drooling over the beautiful hanks of seed beads you are showing. You are right there is always a home for a miss sized seed bead.


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