Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bead-It-Forward 2015

Let's talk about Bead-It-Forward today!!!  I've mentioned this a few times in other posts over the last couple months, but wanted to give this fun and important subject a dedicated post! 

In case you haven't heard, I have taken over the Bead-It-Forward Quilt project!! To summarize, Bead-It-Forward is a project where beaders from around the world donate 2x2 inch beaded squares, which are then put together as quilts, shadow boxes, ornaments, and other crafted objects, then auctioned off to raise money for breast cancer research and care.

There are a myriad of reasons I decided to take on this project.  As a participant, I always thought this was a very fun and cool idea!  I've donated many squares over the last three years.

And I've always enjoyed seeing the amazing creativity of other beaders....
I think it's amazing that so many beaders come together for this project. Seeing groups collaborate to make beaded donations is awesome too (I'm looking at you Bead Soup in Savage, MD, Bead Society of Central New York, Operation Tackle That Bead Stash.....and I'm only scratching the surface here!)

At the heart of it though, I love having the ability to do something (with beads!) to help and honor those who have been affected by breast cancer. 

Friends and family of mine...a precious few survivors ....but there are so many more!!

I'll never forget the day, a few years ago, one of my girlfriends texted me that she needed to tell me something, could she call....I texted back that I was in the forest with the cub scouts at the moment and I'd call her when we were back to civilization in the next hour or so.  She responded with this dreaded text...."I have breast cancer".  At age 36.  Good grief.   Thank God, she is now cancer free for the past two years, but what a scary time. As it is for all victims of this disease.  How many victims can you name?  If you can name one, it is one too many!!!

So it is with great pleasure I took on Bead-It-Forward.  Two of my best girlfriends are officially on board with this project, my husband and son both committed to do what they can as well, I've already had several of my blogger friends offer to help....really a gal couldn't feel more supported than this!  With the help I already have and the hope that we'll continue to get thousands of beaders on board to donate squares, I plan to continue the Bead-It-Forward tradition in full force and aspire to make this project as successful, if not more, in the coming years!!

The theme for 2015 is Animals: "Wild about finding a cure".  There are new patterns on the "Patterns" page of this blog, and also on the "Patterns" page of the new Bead-It-Forward website.  And here are some other links if you are interested in getting involved!!!

Well that's all for now!  I hope to see many square in the P.O. Box in the coming months!!! HAPPY SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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