Saturday, July 26, 2014

Focus on Life • Week 30

It's been a few weeks since I've participated in Focus On Life - and I'm glad to be back in the saddle!

Here is this week's prompt:
...let's slow down a moment and capture what  focus on life is all about; document a moment of life!  
The theme for July: Celebrate!
Week 30: Celebrate YOU by documenting a moment of life. 

 Whenever I need to find a moment in life, I simply start scrolling through my iPhone, where there will inevitably be moments I felt worth capturing!!  So many!!  Here are a couple stand-outs for this week's prompt.

A couple weeks ago, I spent the day at my son's boy scout camp as a chaperone.  I took the day off work, knowing I wouldn't have any cell access that day and frankly I was looking forward to the day of unplugging!  The previous year I heard about a five mile hike around Thorndike Pond, and thought that would be a perfect activity while the boys were in classes in the morning.  And while my hamstring tendons (especially my left one) are still paying for it, the hike was one of the most lovely, quiet, and beautiful two hours I've spent in ages!  Here was one of the many spectacular views I had throughout the walk!

Another little moment came when the most recent issue of Bead & Button came out, and a little blurb mentioned that I'm taking over the Bead-It-Forward project, complete with a pic of a pattern for next year's theme!

There are more patterns and information on the project if you click here!

Check out what other Focus-On-Lifers are blogging about here:

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Creative Spark Summer 2014 Blog Reveal

(Graphic made from a download! I love this site and I'm late also in doing a review for them! Coming very soon though...)

This quote above tells it exactly how I feel lately!! I was lucky enough to be selected to take part in the ZNet Shows summer challenge with the theme of Summer Days & Nights.  I was delighted to receive my package from ZNet which had the most awesome selection of sea glass!

Then I was darn proud of myself for finishing my pieces on time (with even a few days to spare!!)....but then it all broke down and I missed the blog reveal and hop that took place over this past weekend.  So my apologies to ZNet, Hope, and my fellow blogging participants:

If you can't visit their blogs, you may want to check this summer edition of Creative Spark

It's a great piece of inspiration and all the ladies' creations are in this issue...along with lots of other fun tidbits! 

And so, without further ado, I want to share what I made from my awesome haul!  

Here was my evening set....I had weddings on the brain (from work), and thought it would be neat to focus on the crystal sea glass...and I added some crystal, which gave it the bling it needed for an evening feel...  (photographing this color was a bit on the challenging photographing clear crystal, white etc... advice is welcome!)
 Here was my casual set...I have already worn this bracelet and earrings a ton - orange is my favorite color!!! I knew when I saw this strand of orange "pebbles" that I wanted to do something with free form beadweaving and this is the result!
I currently have the purple cylinder beads on my bead table and am working them up with some super shiny, purple charlottes....I can't wait to see where that piece will go! 

In the meanwhile - here are the links to some of the products in my Summer Days & Nights pieces if you are interested in checking them out.