Saturday, August 16, 2014

Focus on Life | Week 33

This week's theme for Focus on Life is: LOOK UP! Change your photo taking perspective, look up!  Looking up is one of the simple exercises in focusing on your surroundings.  This day in age with all the wonderful modern technology we tend to miss things going on around us because we are simply not looking up.   This week take a glance up at the world around and see what you may have been missing.

The Super Moon earlier this week had me looking up like crazy!!  And trying to learn new things about how to use my dslr camera!! 

On this night I had wished I had a more natural setting to grab this photo of the moon, but when I got back to my desk an downloaded the photos I rather enjoyed the industrial look! 
Our family is on vacation this week!!!  We are visiting the Jersey shore in south New Jersey and we are so enjoying this time off together and all the area has to offer!  I plan to blog and bead as much as I can this week!!

Oh my!  I think my boy got taller than me when I wasn't looking!!!

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  1. Wow, what a fantastic moon photo!! Lovely happy family pics - enjoy your holiday :)

  2. Great moon shot!!!! Glad you are having fun on the Joisey Shore!

  3. Oh my, just look at that moon, will ya?! Wow - super shot! Great family shot of you all, too. It is true they grow in a blink of an eye,.....

  4. Your moon shot is fantastic. Those are SOOOO hard to do - kudos for the great shot. And I am so jealous. Wildwood Crest used to be our annual vacation destination when we lived in PA. There is nothing like the South Jersey shore! I wonder if A&LP Cheesesteaks is still there. That was a twice-a-week stop!

  5. what a gorgeous pic of the super moon! hope you're having a fantastic time at the shore

  6. So glad that someone captured the moon this week! You made a wonderful photo!

  7. Fabulous photos! I love the one of the super moon. And just so you know all three of my children are now taller than me.

  8. Wonderful pictures! Enjoy your vacation :-)


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