Sunday, August 24, 2014

GraphicStock - for work and for fun!

A review of GraphicStock:

So perhaps I've mentioned this before, but I am a social media manager for a restaurant group.  For many observances and holidays - I like to create special images/graphics that are customized for each restaurant.  When these moments present themselves - I go to GraphicStock! They have hundreds of thousands of images to choose from!

For Father's Day this year, I downloaded this vector of these ties:

Then I dressed them up for our restaurants:
The Bancroft has the "qbert' pattern in menus and on our website.

This cow is in the logo for the restaurant at Gibbet, and the beets silhouette are part of our farm logo!
I don't just use them for work - I also sit on a committee for our local Habitat for Humanity chapter They had an online auction this summer so I whipped up this flyer to promote the auction.  I knew what I had in mind so I used GraphicStock's rich search feature and pulled down a computer mouse and a monitor:

And created these little icons, inserting info on items that were available for bidding:

But wait - there's more!!  I don't just use GraphicStock for work and volunteerism....I use it for FUN too!!!  For work projects, I typically work in vector art and Adobe Illustrator, but for personal use, I typically just download pngs or jpgs and use PicMonkey to edit and play around with the images for my liking!

I used this image on a recent blog post:

I wanted to feature this Dr. Seuss quote, but felt it would be more fun and pack more punch if it was on an image.  So I downloaded this fun picture from GraphicStock and then used PicMonkey's editing features to enhance the color and add text(I used the "clone" feature on PicMonkey to remove the text)!

Back in May, I made my mom a graphic and posted it to her page on FB!

Using the "clone" feature I removed the text, and then I use the "Add Text" feature to write "Happy Mother's Day Mom"

So you see, GraphicStock is great for anyone who is interested in spicing up their world of images and graphics!!   The best part is you can try it yourself for FREE! That's right, GraphicStock offers a free 7 day trial if you want to try it out. Click HERE to learn more!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary 6mo membership to GraphicStock so I could review their services.  I was not compensated to write this post, these opinions are my own. So far I have used the heck out of this service and I think it’s awesome and I’m sorry I didn’t get to this review sooner. 


  1. Looks like they have some great stuff! I'll need to think of some projects and then try out their free trial period. You do nice work.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation, I use graphics for all sorts of projects, will definitely test out the free trial :)


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