Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Road to...... does that saying go?? The road to hell, is paved with good intentions!!??

I had some grand intentions of beading like crazy this week!  But things like the beach, the boardwalk, birdwatching, beach combing, dog walking, nature photography, family board games, grilling, geocaching and so on, just got in the way!

The extent of my beading so far this week happened on a beach combing expedition where I declared, "Jackson - that is an object with a hole in it.  It's a bead.  Save that."

It's really quite a lovely find!  Hard to see in this photograph, but it's got tons of gold flecks and is so pearly!!

It's good to be back here in south Jersey.  A couple years ago I lived here with my son for a few months while we transitioned from Maryland to Massachusetts.  The house we have (which isn't fancy - think camping with a somewhat working roof, and questionable running water) is in a complex, which on one side leads to the Delaware Bay and two other sides of the complex border wildlife preserves. It's a little piece of nature paradise, in my opinion!  And it's only a 10 minute drive to the beach!

So I had planned to work on a few beaded projects this week.  I got a shirt a few weeks ago and thought it would be great to finally create a lariat to go with it.

Brought all the supplies with me to keep plugging away at those beaded beads, but haven't even opened the bead bag I brought with me! And OH the care and time I took packing that thing to make sure I had everything I needed and then some! LOL!

Well anyway - here is a little pic sample of how I've been spending time here in NJ!

See you this Saturday for a Focus on Life post! 


  1. Great pics! I used to bring a craft or colouring book on vacation too and never get to it either!

  2. I do the SAME every time we go on vacation too. I pack up at least some beads and then barely lay my hands on them. But, I know I wouldn't be able to sleep without some beads near me. I love, love, love that shirt. It's some of my favorite colors and the floral design is gorgeous! Anyway, I hope you're having a fabulous time.

  3. Awe those good intentions! Well the best thing is that y'all are having a great relaxing time in NJ the beads will be there waiting for you. Beautiful pictures, you should add that shell to your lariat.


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