Monday, September 22, 2014

Beads and Books

Come to think of it, we've had hardly any rain at all in the last few months!  I don't mind a good rain, but I think a product of the good weather, is that I've been spending a lot of time outdoors when I have some spare time.  And if truth be told...the more I learn about my camera, and my recent birthday gift of a zoom lens.... the more obsessed I am with taking pictures of the local wildlife and such!!

But these past two weekends, have each had a day that was a little damp and I've finally had a chance to get to some beading!  Last weekend I had time to finish a project I've been working on for months, just haven't had time to blog about it!  This is made with some beaded beads and a stash of ZNetShows beads! Think I may add more fringe to this...just need a thinner needle!

And yesterday I got started on another  "Ms. Daisy" bracelet.  The pattern can be found on Fusion Beads' website here.  I have one that I made a few years ago and I love to wear it.  The drape is fantastic and I get tons of compliments on it!  One of my co-workers was cooing at it the other day so I said, I'd make her one if she told me her favorite colors.  Black and blue was the order and I'm loving how it's coming out.  Although I'm getting to that special moment (I know you beaders have 'been there') where I'm not 100% sure that I'll have enough of the darker color to complete this!! 

In other bead-y news, the first round of Bead-It-Forward squares came in for the 2014/2015 cycle!  Aren't they great!?

I'm super excited.  There are lots of patterns on the Bead-It-Forward website and Facebook page if you'd like to join in!
A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of being a beta reader for a recently published book.   As the mom of a voracious reader, I am always thrilled to come across a great author for tweens and young teens.  I have definitely found that in Keith Robinson.  If you have a middle-schooler who likes to read, and likes to read fast paced, fun adventures, I highly recommend his Island of Fog series (I'm just about to start book 7 out of the nine, so more on this series soon) and his newest book, Sleep Writer!

<a href="">Sleep Writer (Unearthly Tales #1)</a><img src="" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />
 Sleep Writer was just published last week and here's what I wrote about it on Amazon: As a fan of the Island of Fog series, I was excited to start a new adventure written by Keith Robinson! I was not disappointed. This book is a fantastic read, with an original plot and enough action to keep you wanting for more. Robinson's writing is so descriptive, you'll feel like you are right along side these characters as they journey through all their escapades!  My middle-school-age son and I can't wait to see what's in store for Liam, Madison and Ant!

Have you read any good books lately?


  1. need to check that book out! I do have a middle schooler, and that looks like an interesting series. Love how the necklace is coming along - and that bracelet is so much fun!

  2. I love the bead it forward items!!! And the bracelet!!! I miss rain. We've had some great weather this summer and all but boy do I wish we'd get some decent rainstorms before the snow sets in.

  3. i think all our precipitation is going to come in the form of snow, as rain has been scant this year. i have been outside as much as possible too, which doesn't leave much time for beading or blogging.
    the purple necklace has a great vibe! and the daisy bracelet ~ i just love that one!!! all weavers want to know...did you have enough dark blues?!

  4. Hi Amy,
    I do not blame you one bit for wanting to be outside in the MA weather. Love the purple necklace and the Ms. Daisy bracelet is turning out beautifully. I need to get some squares done for the bead it forward project.
    Keep enjoying the wonderful weather for as long as you can!

  5. Amy, thanks so much for the book recommendation! When I read the summary to my 12 year old, he was thrilled and we immediately downloaded it to his dad's kindle!


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