Thursday, September 4, 2014

Finally Something Bead-y!

I haven't received my copy yet, but apparently my entry for Beadwork's The Challenge was published!! Woot woot!!  (Thank you Christine for the heads up!!)

After spending the last hour looking through my archived photos, I'm shocked to see I didn't take any pictures of the package of beads when they were delivered back in March.   But suffice it to say, I was delighted with the beads and the colors.  The package came from A Grain of Sand Beads and had some of my favorite shades of pink, a fantastic vintage looking cab, some matte pearls, and more!!  I also realized that I didn't take many photos of the finished product either.  Here are a couple:

In other beady news, I started playing around with some new patterns for the Bead-It-Forward project!  I may have, ahem, gotten carried away playing with different color palettes, but once I got started it was hard to stop.  These are done in a two-drop peyote stitch.  I can't wait to bead a few up and see how they look!   (It should be noted that I didn't even include ALL the patterns I made!!hahah!!) I hope they inspire some of you to give it a try!  I'm planning to do a video tutorial on this in the coming weeks. 


  1. That's a beautiful pendant! I love the colours!!!! Those dragonfly peyote patterns would look great as cross stitch too.

  2. Congratulations! I love that pendant! I hope all is going well. I'm sure Jackson is back in school. The summer went so quickly and it was beautiful here, very unusual summer weather. Have a wonderful fall.

  3. Congratulations Amy, I just skimmed through the mag yesterday, so I did not realize the beautiful bead embroidered pendant necklace in the challenge was yours. I love all the different colors of the dragonfly,

  4. Congrats! I need to go pick up the latest issue .... I'll be looking for your piece!!


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