Saturday, September 27, 2014

Focus on Life • Week 39

This week's topic for the theme "Simplicity" is HANDS.
As Sally said in her topic post:
Sometimes it just takes a hand 
to help
to heal
to hold.

Working in the restaurant industry there is so much going on with the hands all the time.  Since I manage all my company's social media, I'm constantly walking around with my camera taking pictures of what's happening either at the restaurants or an event our company is catering.  When I saw this topic, I knew I'd have lots of choose from this week.  One of our restaurants has an onsite produce farm.  Ever since July we've had an abundance of raspberries and blackberries in all sorts of varieties.  Our farm manager often puts a call out for help to get these harvested.  (We get paid in berries!!)

So this week I pulled pictures from a fairly recent 'picking party' where we helped harvest the raspberries and black raspberries.

Check below to see what kinds of hands other Focus-on-Life-ers are posting:


  1. Nothing better than picking your own fruit! Great photos for this week's prompt :)

  2. You have my dream job. Paid to take pictures and manage social media sites.

  3. What a great way to get paid for some yummy work. Especially love the berry-stained hands.

  4. Such lovely photos - you're making me crave berries this morning!! Love the last one of the berry-stained hands. It shows how much fun berry-picking can be!

  5. Great photos Amy, yummy work! I love the shot of Jackson and his berry stained hand.

  6. That's a fun and yummy way of using hands, the last picture is fantastic!


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