Monday, November 24, 2014

BookWinner and Bead-It-Forward Patterns

Yikes!  I meant to pull a winner on Friday for the book giveaway (from my blog's 400th post celebration!) and totally forgot. 
But better late than never:

Liz E is the winner!  Liz, I sent you an email for your contact information so I can send you your book!
As I mentioned in my last post, Bead-It-Forward is holding a contest for submitted patterns.  In addition to the list that I already had, Artbeads recently contributed a prize package to add to the kitty!
Thank you Artbeads!  Click here to read about submitting a pattern and learning more about the prize drawing if you submit a pattern!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Beading and Giveaways!

This brisk weather has definitely been enhancing my beading time!!  I started a 'Beauteous Bangle' over the weekend.

I think it's funny how wonky these things start out but end up nice and structured (like the blue and brown one in the background!)!  I hope to finish tonight.

I celebrated 400 posts last week!  I still can't believe it.  To commemorate the milestone, I'm giving away a copy of Jane Lock's The Art of Beadweaving.  Just head over to that post and leave a comment and your name will be entered for a chance to win.  I'm going to draw the name on Friday of this week.

And speaking of giveaways, over on the Bead-It-Forward site, I'm holding a contest for animal themed pattern submissions.  The winner will receive at least two tutorials (one from me, of the above Beauteous Bangle tutorial, and one from NEDbeads), some seed beads, a sheet of Lacy's Stiff Stuff, a package of needles, and animal charm and more!  

If you are so inclined, please check it out and send in an animal pattern!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Focus on Life • Week 46

(Click here to read about  and enter my book give-away!)

This week's prompt for Focus on Life is Faithful....

The toughest thing to do sometimes is have faith.  Faith in yourself, your path in this big crazy world.  We get so down on ourselves and its tough to climb out of the hole.  This week we will focus on being full of faith and  happy with our everyday lives.  

For posts like these I tend to go straight to the camera roll on my phone, which is always brimming with 'everyday life' photos.  I pulled down five photos that I thought were fitting, but narrowed it down to this one.

Those moments where if my son has a few minutes before the bus comes, he sits with the dogs, and gives, and gets a little love:

See what others Focus on Life participants are posting for today's prompt!  

Friday, November 14, 2014

TGIF and Four Hundred Posts

Today is a legitimate TGIF because I'm not working this weekend (well, I probably will a little, but only because I really do love my work)! And another special thing about this post is it is my 400th post!! Whaaaaaa??!?!?

Whoa!! 400 posts ago, back in the year 2006, I had no idea what this blog would mean to me, and all the fabulous people I would meet, the growth it would inspire, and the opportunities it would bring!!   But to say this blog has been a blessing to me, would be an understatement.  I am so grateful.

It is because of this blog, that I entered a challenge and created these earrings:

...which then ended up in this fantastic book by Jane Lock (page 116!!!)!  What a huge honor!

I have an extra copy and want to give it away.  So just leave a comment and in one week (November 21), I'll draw a name from all the comments!!

I am currently working on a cubic right-angle-weave bracelet from this book:

I realized that I have so many black/gray/white shirts and sweaters that I really need to step up the amount of black jewelry production!

So that's all for now! Thank you to everyone who has walked on this beading and blogging journey with me so far!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tension Issues

"Try it," they said..."you'll love them," they said...."you'll grow as a beader," they encouraged....."you CAN teach an old dog new tricks," they assured....
But this is how I feel after an afternoon of fiddling with two hole beads....I've got some tension issues for sure!

My first mistake was using regular ol' two hole beads.  Things weren't fitting together like they should and after comparing to the photos on the project I realized they were much more rounded on the edges than a traditional Super Duo

Thankfully I had some authentic Super Duo beads in my stash and I tried again.

Better this time, but still it's not looking like it should!!!!

In hindsight, I'm not sure why I didn't realize the first set of beads were so different from what the project called for!  Seems so obvious with the nifty tapering ends that they would fit together better.  Clearly I still need to work on my tension with this, but to be honest, while working on both of these attempts I just coudln't stand the way the two hole bead flips about and such when you only have one hole strung!!! Ugh - I must sound so curmudgeonly as I speak of these beads.  I guess what I need to remember is I once felt the same way about peyote, and right angle weave and many other methods and techniques!!
Also - have you seen the latest issue of Creative Spark?

Creative Spark Fall 2014 Fall 2014
It came out a couple weeks ago but it's still current to share since the theme is fall inspired designs!!  Check it out. Hope (of Crafty Hope) does an amazing job putting this eMag together and I'm proud to be a contributor!

Stay tuned for my next will be a milestone post and I've got a giveaway up my sleeve! :)

Friday, November 7, 2014


Happy Friday!  Now that I am fully entrenched back into the restaurant industry, this phrase (TGIF) just doesn't really apply to me anymore....but sometimes Fridays still feel good anyway (even though I'm working on Sunday! LOL)

Now that there is a chill in the air....literally it's flipping freezing in New England tonight...I'm sure I'll be beading and blogging more often. 

Did you get your most recent issues of Bead&Button and Beadwork magazines?  Do you turn the corner of the page down when you see a project you would ike to try?  Yesterday I turned down about 8 corners of the Beadwork and 3 of Bead&Button.  Then that dreaded moment came when I started going through the supply list.....I've been avoiding the two-hole beads, but realized after all the inspiration I felt, it was time to pick up a few tubes....

...which turned into picking up a handful of other beads I 'needed'....(to be fair I haven't gone bead shopping in many many months!) I am so happy I have nothing to do all day tomorrow!!! I realized I needed more black/gray/silver jewelry....but of course I picked up a few containers of my favorite pale pink colored beads, too! 

In other beady news, I signed up for Therese & Christine's A Time To Stitch (ATTS) challenge!

I am super excited and grateful to them for including some references to Bead-It-Forward in the sign-ups' posts!  I will be revealing some Bead-It-Forward squares for the reveal, but I also plan to work on another charted item too!  The reveal is January 10!

I have already completed a couple squares for Bead-It-Forward for next year.  I had a heck of a time with this embroidery though and it's puckering on three sides..

The only other beading I have been doing has been to take apart some items that needed new life.  Over two years ago, I made this bracelet which I loooooooooved!

But - what I didn't realize until the first day I wanted to wear it, was that the enclosure holes for the pearls were too small!  So it sat in one of my "things to work on" drawers for the last two year until earlier this week, when I finally redid them and got it functioning finally!

Time to go buy a blue or brown or cream or white top I think!