Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tension Issues

"Try it," they said..."you'll love them," they said...."you'll grow as a beader," they encouraged....."you CAN teach an old dog new tricks," they assured....
But this is how I feel after an afternoon of fiddling with two hole beads....I've got some tension issues for sure!

My first mistake was using regular ol' two hole beads.  Things weren't fitting together like they should and after comparing to the photos on the project I realized they were much more rounded on the edges than a traditional Super Duo

Thankfully I had some authentic Super Duo beads in my stash and I tried again.

Better this time, but still it's not looking like it should!!!!

In hindsight, I'm not sure why I didn't realize the first set of beads were so different from what the project called for!  Seems so obvious with the nifty tapering ends that they would fit together better.  Clearly I still need to work on my tension with this, but to be honest, while working on both of these attempts I just coudln't stand the way the two hole bead flips about and such when you only have one hole strung!!! Ugh - I must sound so curmudgeonly as I speak of these beads.  I guess what I need to remember is I once felt the same way about peyote, and right angle weave and many other methods and techniques!!
Also - have you seen the latest issue of Creative Spark?

Creative Spark Fall 2014 Fall 2014
It came out a couple weeks ago but it's still current to share since the theme is fall inspired designs!!  Check it out. Hope (of Crafty Hope) does an amazing job putting this eMag together and I'm proud to be a contributor!

Stay tuned for my next will be a milestone post and I've got a giveaway up my sleeve! :)


  1. I've never even attempted right angle weave b/c i am such an epic fail at flat peyote. I don't mind going around an object w/ peyote but it's so time consuming working w/ seed beads. I've always been an 'instant gratification beader'. I like to see quick results after just 10-20 minutes of work.

  2. The two hole beads do take some getting used to but they are fun. It seems new ones come out every week! Keep at it and you'll be a pro with them in time!

  3. I agree! I don't like how the 2-hole beads flip about .... drives me nuts! but I do like how they look in a pattern. And so, I will try to get use to it

  4. since we have been talking about it, i won't repeat myself, but i am glad that you posted about is good to read about frustrations and not just the glossy, pretty finished product. we all have those AAARRGGHHH project fails. tension is a bugger with these!
    i am off to leaf through creative spark now!

  5. It's never easy to learn how to use new beads and sometimes there are tension issues. The first two-hole beads look like Twin beads. Twins are rounder than SuperDuos and many times are not interchangeable with SuperDuos. I love the beaded bead even if it's not perfect.

  6. Hi Amy,
    So sad to hear you are having a trouble working with the two hole beads, but keep on working with them it will get easier you will see. Working with something new can be a get it right away with not a problem or a big frustration.


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