Saturday, December 27, 2014

Focus on Life • Week 52

It's the final week of "Focus on Life" the weekly photography challenge put on by Sally Russick!!  I kind of fell off these last few months with this challenge and blogging in general!  But with today being the last day I wanted to be sure to post!!

This week's prompt is "Gather".
Week 52:   Gather
 Gather your thoughts.  Gather up all your ideas.  Gather around the fire. Gather the words that have been missing.  Gather up courage to try something new in the coming year.  Gather together. Gather up love!

We had a wonderful gathering this week with my family and I didn't take any good pics of the group together.  But we had good food, played lots of games and had lots of laughs.  Here's a pic I snapped early in the morning while I was prepping food:

I can't believe this year is nearly over!!  Recently I have had little opportunity to blog, I've either been working, or beading up some holiday gifts.  Here's a sample of beadwork from the holiday season that was sent out as gifts!

I enjoyed participating in the Focus on Life photo challenge this year - even though I missed a few weeks along the way.  It was a fun and challenging challenge and it was great to meet other bloggers out there!!

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  1. It was a busy holiday season...time sure got away from me too.

  2. Hi Amy,
    I am glad you had a wonderful gathering with your family and the gifts you beaded up are beautiful.

  3. Yum - are those meatballs? They look wonderful. I have really enjoyed your photography this year. The way you opened your restaurant world to us was so compelling. Your beaded gifts are so pretty. I really love the Christmas trees. Very lucky recipients to receive those beautiful items.

  4. such beautiful gifts! I bet whomever received these were thrilled!! Hope you're having a fantastic holiday and getting a bit of time to spend with family :)


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