Sunday, December 7, 2014

I'm In Love....

...with Tulip beading needles and 8mm chatons.....among other things!

So it's been two weeks since my last blog entry, and a lot has happened.   I picked up this book by Sabine Lippert...

Excuse my French....but this book is bead weaving porn.   All the finished pieces look so yummy!  Just the right amount of sparkle, lots of gorgeous components, so much beautiful, original work!  The only bad part was that I didn't have the proper supplies to start any of the projects... So I promptly jumped on Fusion Beads to order a few chatons. rivolis, and coordinating bicones....and ahem...I got a little carried away.  I blame it on the book.

Since I was already getting a bunch of stuff...I finally took the plunge and ordered Tulip beading needles.  And, wow, am glad I did!!!   Holy sturdy beading needle - these little lovelies were everything I ever heard about them!  Slim in size, super strong.  Three projects later and my #12 needle is as straight as I started it with!

So while I waited for my crystals to arrive, I stumbled upon some patterns from Bead Origami's chemistry series of molecules!!!  Yowza!  When I saw the Serotonin and Dopamine Molecule pattern I knew I had to have it.  My stepdaughter is currently pursuing her PhD in neuroscience and I think this beaded serotonin molecule will be a great fit.

Cindy's instructions are positively amazing. Between the perfect illustrations and the well written, easy to understand text instruction, this pattern is so easy to follow.  It is labeled as intermediate, but I think any level beader would find this pattern a pleasure to work on. I can't wait to treat myself to more of Bead Origami's patterns!

When I finished my stepdaughter's necklace I launched right into another for my mom, who is a cell biologist!  So glad to have found this chemistry series for the science-y people on my gift list!
Still deciding if I want to add a chain to this or attach some dopamine molecules!!!!  These are too fun and I love that the only beads required are seed beads! 
In other beady news I am excited to announce that Bead-It-Forward will be at Bead Fest Philadelphia next year!!!  Bead Fest has graciously decided to partner with Bead-It-Forward so we can auction off the 2015 finished products!!

And speaking of Bead-It-Forward - I am running the animal pattern contest through December 15. For more information click here.  Check out the prize list too - it's growing and I am so grateful to everyone who has been so kind to donate:
Nancy Dale - NED Beads - pattern/tutorial
Kristen Stevens - KAS Beadwork - pattern/tutorial
Sandra Halpenny - book (Beading and Designing Bracelets)
Artbeads - prize package of beads, wire and more

I am also donating a pattern and including some beads and backing from my own stash! 

Looking forward to posting more soon with lots of new pieces made with 8mm chatons!


  1. Beautiful work as usual! So those needles are really sturdy? My John James ones bend all the time. It's frustrating. Or the eye will break.

  2. I love the beaded molecules!! How clever and perfect for the science minded!! I haven't tried the Tulip needles but I think I will now. I've heard they're great.
    I hope your holiday plans are going well. Have a great week, Amy!

  3. Those molecule pieces are awesome! The structure and the size, paired with the chain is fantastic! I am eager to see what designs you are going to do with all that Fusion Bead Loot!!! It is always a happy day when the bead envelope arrives and you see all that sparkle, shine, color, possibilities :-) Never heard of the tulip needles but i will be on the lookout.

  4. Wow, the serotonin molecules look great Amy! I love how you've attached the chain for the necklace. Thanks so much for posting these photos!

  5. I don't know how I missed this book - Sabine's Beaded Fantasies just might be my favorite bead book ever, so I'm glad to see she has a new one...exciting! Your stepdaughter is going to be beyond thrilled with her necklace!

  6. ooooh! a book for my christmas list!!! I've heard of the tulip needles, but haven't splurged yet on one. Good to know that they are all people say they are! I love your molecules, and I bet the people on your list receiving them will too - they are fantastic.


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