Saturday, February 21, 2015

ZnetShows Icy Reveal

In case you haven't's been snowing in Massachusetts!!! 
view of my deck circa blizzard #3

This New York Times article describes it perfectly - and the quote, "Driving is a game of blind chicken, because the intersections are blocked by 12-foot mounds of plowed snow",  really speaks to me! Every time I leave my driveway I fear I will get t-boned and pretty much all intersections really do inspire terror....  And, imagine that, we're getting six more inches this afternoon!   

In any case, being snowed in has done wonders for my beading time!  It was wonderful to be selected to contribute to ZnetShows' quarterly digital magazine Creative Spark (produced and edited by Hope of Crafty Hope)! What was even more perfect, is the theme for this issue was "icy".  Hah!  I didn't have to look far for inspiration!  

The stash ZnetShows sent me was full of gorgeous cultured sea glass.  

I was immediately drawn to the cone shaped cultured sea glass... perhaps because it reminded me a little of icicles.  But the big question loomed, how do I make it 'icy'?  I poured through my stash and saw that I also had clear Chinese crystal from ZnetShows!  

 I struggled with the two holes but then decided to just go for it and started beading around the cone.  Before long, a circular peyote strip formed and as I continued I added Chinese crystal...

I made some components on headpins, added them to some chain and voila! An icy pendant.  

Next up I couldn't stop looking at the long teardrop cultured sea glass.  Again I thought the clear Chinese crystal would complement it nicely and give it an icy feel!  

Imagine my delight when I saw this piece on the cover of Creative Spark!  (thank you Hope!!)

Finally - I just had to do something with those sand dollar and starfish made from cultured sea glass!! They were too gorgeous not to play with.  But let's face it - those were simply too hard to spin as 'icy'!! 

I have a few other pieces in progress, and will share those in the coming weeks.  Thanks again to Hope and to ZnetShows for including me in this icy issue of Creative Spark!   

This issue is full of amazing creations by all the contributors!  And one of my favorite features in the issue is an article called "Yoga for Beaders"!  It's great advice for folks (like me) who spend way too much time hunched over our beady projects!  

Here is a list of products used in these pieces:
S77-B881 Cultured Sea Glass teardrop round beads - opaque seafom color about 39x9mm
S84-B46 Culteured Sea Glass cone shape with double hole beads 46-opaque blue opal about 18x12mm
S03-46-ONE - Cultured Sea Glass round Beads 4mm 46-Opaque Blue Opal
 RS236-01 - Chinese crystal designer glass rondelle Beads faceted 16x12mm 01-Crystal -clear color    
P49-B23S Cultured Sea Glas and sand dollar pendants 21x19mm peridot
S27-B23xs Cultured Sea Glass starfish small beads peridot 20x7mm

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Winter 2015

I haven't blogged in a while, but I have been beading!

Here in New England, we've been absolutely pummeled by the latest snow storms.  We measured 30 inches back on January 27, another 14 inches on February 2, and another 6 inches this past Thursday!  And whoa - there is at least another foot of snow forecast to fall on Sun-Mon!!!!    My son certainly loves it....

But the dogs.....not so much!

I've been doing lots of beading.  I have been working on this bracelet from Sabine Lippert's Beadwork Evolution...."

This book is amazing, and it has caused me to develop a bona fide chaton/rivoli/crystal addiction!!

I also received an awesome stash from ZnetShows for an upcoming designer challenge.  I have already created one item and am in the middle of another, and have a third planned for this challenge!

There has also been a ton of Bead-It-Forward square production in my house! (and there is more to come!)

And also a lot happening here at Bead-It-Forward headquarters!   We've received a ton of new patterns over the last couple weeks.  So there is still time if you want to do a square.  This is one my my favorite patterns that came in last week!!  How cute is this little reptile?!  I don't know if I will be able to resist making just one!

Squares are trickling in.  Going to the P.O. Box has turned into a real treat anticipating another package might be there!

I have a lot planned for this storm.  I am going to finish up a couple more squares, finish up my ZnetShows challenge pieces, and work on a repair job from a friend.  Happy Winter!!!