Saturday, February 7, 2015

Winter 2015

I haven't blogged in a while, but I have been beading!

Here in New England, we've been absolutely pummeled by the latest snow storms.  We measured 30 inches back on January 27, another 14 inches on February 2, and another 6 inches this past Thursday!  And whoa - there is at least another foot of snow forecast to fall on Sun-Mon!!!!    My son certainly loves it....

But the dogs.....not so much!

I've been doing lots of beading.  I have been working on this bracelet from Sabine Lippert's Beadwork Evolution...."

This book is amazing, and it has caused me to develop a bona fide chaton/rivoli/crystal addiction!!

I also received an awesome stash from ZnetShows for an upcoming designer challenge.  I have already created one item and am in the middle of another, and have a third planned for this challenge!

There has also been a ton of Bead-It-Forward square production in my house! (and there is more to come!)

And also a lot happening here at Bead-It-Forward headquarters!   We've received a ton of new patterns over the last couple weeks.  So there is still time if you want to do a square.  This is one my my favorite patterns that came in last week!!  How cute is this little reptile?!  I don't know if I will be able to resist making just one!

Squares are trickling in.  Going to the P.O. Box has turned into a real treat anticipating another package might be there!

I have a lot planned for this storm.  I am going to finish up a couple more squares, finish up my ZnetShows challenge pieces, and work on a repair job from a friend.  Happy Winter!!!


  1. The weather's been insane. I don't think i'm going to see my yard till May. My poor dogs are relegated to the driveway for their business and while I keep on top of shoveling #2 out of the way, the snow and ice is rapidly turning yellow out there. So gross. My crafting muse seems to have packed up and headed to warmer climates so I've been lax in the craft dept. Plus I fell on the ice and my back and neck hurt too much to hunch over my craft table for too long.

  2. Wow! You guys have gotten a lot of snow! We've gotten the messy mix from most of those storms!! But, it sounds like you're taking advantage of being snowed in! Your bracelet looks lovely! Stay warm and think spring!

  3. Hi Amy,
    Wow look at all that snow! I know Jackson is having a ball playing in that white cold stuff. Just between you and me I am so glad I live in Alabama, with the job I have that snow would be a total nightmare for me. I love the bracelet you are making it is so pretty with lots of bling. I have got a few of the squares picked out that I want to bead, I need to get them done and in the mail to you. I love the pink bunny someone did. Looking forward to seeing what you have created for the Znet challenge.
    Stay warm

  4. Love your bracelet and squares , great work..
    I am from Croatia and have a lots of snow, I don`t like the snow but kids love it very much ughgh..
    I am in begining with makeing stuff with beads, love to crochet necklaces but still just trying make bracelet, one they I will access I think.. because I love and crochet and quilling, love diffrents hobbies..
    This is very pretty what you do and I want to learn, and I will learn ..
    I send you very big hugs from Croatia ! Klaudiya

  5. Hey Amy, We miss you on Sally's blog but it looks like you have a very full plate already. I am working with almost the exact same green as you showed for your challenge piece. We will need to compare when our challenges are over. And I love your bracelet from Sabine's book. I don't have that one and can see how you would get hooked. It's amazing. Stay warm!

  6. Sorry about the snow, it just grazed us, then traveled on and dumped on you! You do seem to have been productive, though! Love the sea glass beads, would love to see what you make of them.

  7. There is so much beady goodness here!! The new bracelet is gorgeous! The squares are adorable and exciting! And the Znet stash looks like a memory or warmer times. With all the snow some household members are enjoying and some are not, all I say is BEAD ON, My Friend, BEAD ON!!!


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