Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Blogging from A-Z • L

L is for Lion....and Lyon...Lyon, France that is!  

This gorgeous lion mosaic came from a group of beaders in Lyon, France.  Isn't it spectacular!!!???

There were many other lions as well.  Be sure to scroll through the gallery page on the Bead-It-Forward website to see more lions! Among plenty of other wonderful animals!

L is also for Lamb!  This pattern was uploaded early on and is very special to me, because my niece helped me create it on BeadTool!  Here is a small sampling of the lambs that came into the Bead-It-Forward project this year:

What will the letter "M" bring tomorrow!!!??

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  1. The Lyon Lion is pectacular! But that woolly dimensional lamb is adorable!!!

  2. The lion is beautiful I love big cats.

    The lamb looks like Shaun the Sheep.

  3. Loving your posts, Amy--thanks for sharing all this talented beadwork!

  4. That lion is amazing and the lambs are ADORABLE!

  5. The lion is spectacular there is no wonder why he is the King of the jungle! The lamb is so cute too. On the fluffy one, are those beads or fiber?


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