Thursday, April 16, 2015

Blogging from A-Z • N

N is for the numbers that is....

So back in July of 2013, one beader posed the question of what type of animals were allowed.  I answered in a blog post on the Bead-It-Forward page, which in summary said, "any animal is fine!"

Since that time, over 1200 squares have been submitted to Bead-It-Forward.  Using the photo I used in that blog post back in July, here is how the animals broke down in grouping and classes..... (all the numbers are estimates based on some down & dirty, quick calculations on the spreadsheet I used to log the squares!)

The invertebrates were totally crushed by the vertebrates, with mammals coming in at a whopping 489 squares.  I wasn't too surprised that we didn't see any protozoa, flatworms, annelid worms, or myriapods....

Bunnies, took the lead in mammals with 49 squares submitted.  There were tons of birds submitted, with owls being the most popular type of bird.   Insects also had a good showing with dragonflies and ladybugs

Here is a further breakdown of the groupings (again, are not 100% exact!):
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  1. Cool breakdown! Seeing these lists makes the project even more staggering to wrap my head around ~ whew!

  2. Only one skunk??? I'm going over to check out the rest of the squares now. I want to see the whales!

  3. Amy just want to say you have been doing a great job with this project, you rock!


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