Saturday, April 25, 2015

Blogging from A-Z • V

V is for the Virginia Thurston Healing of the Bead-It-Forward beneficiaries for 2015.

I had the fun and important task of selecting beneficiaries for the 2015 Bead-It-Forward project.  One of them is the Rays of Hope Breast Cancer Research Center.  The other beneficiary is the Virginia Thurston Healing Garden.  Here are some quotes from their website that made this establishment an easy choice:

"You are a person, not a disease, and you can live well with cancer, and beyond. We are here to help you."


The Healing Garden is an educational nonprofit organization dedicated to providing integrative cancer care through therapeutic services, educational programs, and a healing environment for all people with a cancer diagnosis, as well as providing wellness education and support to promote cancer prevention for the community at large."

"...envisioned a center providing services with three components: complementary therapies, psychosocial support, and the healing environment of nature. They both felt strongly that the cost of services should not be an obstacle to care."

I had the pleasure of visiting the Healing Garden a few months ago and was very impressed by their facility and the work they do. I am so honored to be heading up a project that will raise funds for the important work they do there, and at Rays of Hope! 


  1. All of the recipients are very lucky!

  2. Hi Amy,
    Healing Gardens sounds like a very nice place, well deserving of being a beneficiary. Congratulations to them and the other beneficiaries.

  3. Healing Garden looks like a deserving place as the Bead It Forward beneficiaries. People are not their disease ~ anyone who works with people with cancer and keeps that in their mind will go far in making a difficult time much easier.


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