Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Beading & Birding

Well jeesh - where did the last four weeks go!!??

I can't believe that I haven't blogged in so long.  There is a challenge coming up this weekend - the ATTS (A Time To Stitch) hosted by my friends Therese and Christine!  This ATTS theme is embroidery - which I can always use practice doing!

In the meanwhile - I've been working at my job, working on Bead-It-Forward, beading, and birding!

Now that spring is here and the eight feet of snow is gone from that crazy winter, I spend a lot of my free time hiking, with my camera of course!   I got a hot tip on some bald eagles nesting near the Wachusett Reservoir, and I wasn't disappointed when I arrived at the destination!
Yes, that's a little eaglet to the left of the eagle!  There are two in the nest!

 These eagles were barely visible with the naked eye, and these photos were taken with a point & shoot with a great zoom!  A little fuzzy - but I"m still happy with them!

Here were some turkeys displaying for a hen at the farm (at work).

And a cute little killdeer

I've been playing around with the rivolis I procured earlier this spring....

These are a modification of By All Beads Blue Poppy Earrings tutorial.  They use 8mm chatons and I think they are adorbs!!!  The instructions are great and they whip up pretty quickly!  There are instructions in this tutorial to attach a post as well, and embellish with more crystal.  What you see below are basically the first few steps!

This is just a seemingly standard peyote bezel for a 14mm rivoli, I found online a few places!

This is a bezel from Diane Fitzgerald's book, Shaped Beadwork and Beyond.  I love her!!! Her books have been such an influence in my bead world.  I love this bezel and the way it hugs the rivoli so perfectly.  I kind of did some free form weaving around the perimeter when I finished the bezel.

Finally - this is a version of Let It Shine by Ellad2:

I also did a few pieces over the last couple months from Sabine Lipert's Beaded Fantasies (why did it take me so long to get this book!!!?)  But more on that another day!

See you Saturday for the ATTS challenge reveal!


  1. OMG - your eagle photos are terrific! How proud and fierce Mama Eagle looks as she guards the nest. (I am guessing that's Mama.) Love your earring creations, too! Festive and fun! See you this week-end for ATTS#7.

  2. Great eagle photos and love the turkeys, too!

  3. Love the eagle pics! Wish I'd known about them too. Love the beadwork you did with the rivolis. So beautiful.


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