Saturday, July 25, 2015

Working, beading, assembling, etc...

Every week, I make a to-do list.  And every week one of the line items is "BLOG"!  And every week, that item gets pushed to the bottom of the list, and then I'm just copying it over when I start my to-do list for the next week! hah!

This weekend however, when my husband asked me what plans we had for the weekend, I simply said, I need to blog and read blogs!  It's been a while, so this is a long one! :)

My job demands always kick up a few notches during the warmer seasons, since my company has a farm and a catering business (which does a lot of weddings).  There are a lot moments to caputre and share in my marketing life!

look closely and you'll see a craft cocktail perched among the edible flower bed! 
Yup - it's a tomato soup capture kind of day!

My not so little kid, helping harvest at the farm.

It's also summer vacation for my kiddo, which adds a handful of other activities

How did he get so TALL!?!?

We've been doing some weekly 'field trips' including Ruggles Mine in New Hampshire, and the Harvard Museum of Natural History!

I've also been veritably obsessed with the little tree frogs that have taken residence near the steps of my deck. I spend way too much time searching and observing and photographing these little cuties.

I'm still kayaking as often as possible.  I was treated to a wonderful little nature moment last month when I came upon a fawn trailing a swan in the Nashua River.  Here is a little footage from the moment:

Who knew a fawn could swim so well!?

And of course, there is the BEAD-IT-FORWARD project keeping me busy as well!  I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and invited my nieces over to help me sort through the squares and start placing them for assembly.  It was so fun! They really enjoyed looking through all the beautiful bead work and had a great eye for what went well together!  (and they taught this middle-aged gal all about the time-lapse video capability on my phone! hehe)

We were able to get a bunch of quilts ready, and other items assembled and the Bead-It-Forward auction site is now live and there are plans to upload new items weekly!
Just click on the photos below to navigate to the auction site!

In another Bead-It-Forward development, I recently met with Judy Bush, the owner of Bead Bush Studio in Deerfield, NH.  She coordinates an event called "Bead Bop NH".

Bead Bop NH is an event which participants tour participating bead stores in New Hampshire and receive special discounts, get their passport stamped, and enter to win raffles.  To participate, you just need to have a Bead Bop tote, and purchase the annual passport for a nominal entry fee.  I purchased and received my tote last week and got my passport and pin.  The tote also came with a free gift which was worth more than my fee to enter (it had two Tierra Cast clasps, a multi strand clasp, a string of fire polish beads, and some head pins).  I can't wait to visit all the stores in September!!

So how does this relate to Bead-It-Forward?  All six participating stores, are going to display some of the 2015 Bead-It-Forward products!!  I'm so excited for these beautiful pieces to get more exposure!  And the event sounds amazing, so if you are in New England during the dates of September 23-26 you'll have to check it out!

As a side note, Judy could not have been any more lovely to meet with, and her store is darling and well stocked!! It's just about an hour away from where I live, but I can't wait to visit again!

Finally - I've also been doing some beading myself.  Aside from my tiny frog obsession, I am obsessed with rivolis lately and have been mastering the 14mm bezel!

I also recently stitched these from a free tutorial on B&B called "Mosaic medallions".

And remember the ATTS embroidered piece?  I had been thinking of one of the bartenders I work with while creating that piece, so naturally, I gifted her with it.  Here is a shot of her wearing it at work one day!

Okay - that's all for now.  I hope I can get back on here sooner six weeks for my next blog post! Now I"m off to visit my virtual friends in the blogosphere!  Happy Saturday!