Friday, August 7, 2015

Znet Shows Sea Glass Beads and Creative Spark

When I heard that one of the categories for the summer Creative Spark issue was fruits & veggies, I knew I would have to sign up for that area of participation!  In my day job as the marketing director of a restaurant group, we also have an on site produce farm where I spend a lot of my time throughout each week.  Seems this time of year and through the fall, I have fruits and vegetables on my mind!

I had some grand plans and ordered my sea glass beads from accordingly. 

My first attempt was to create some radishes.  I was pretty happy with my attempt, but when I showed it to my husband and son, they both said "Oh! What nice holiday earrings!"

Epic fail!  Only for summer though, I suppose if they look like holly and berries, they still fit in the category, just more appropriate for winter.

Next up was the embroidered carrot.

This was a lot of fun arranging and rearranging the sea glass beads to shape up to resemble a carrot.

I used a few dabs of glue to keep them in place and then secured them to the lacy's stiff stuff through the top drilled bead holes. This time when I asked the guys what what it was, I got a resounding "carrot"!
After attaching the sea glass beads, they were surrounded with 15/0 orange and green seed beads, I am now ready to adhere this to a tote bag to gift my farming co-worker!

CLICK HERE for the summer 2015 issue of Creative Spark! You won't be sorry!!  There is all sorts of wonderful inspiration in this issue!

Creative Spark Summer 2015

Here is my list of sea glass beads from I used for my veggie pieces:
S13-B05SFIVE Cultured Sea Glass coin puffed Beads 12mm 05-Cherry Red -dark red color(8-pc-str)(4-in-str)

S42-B23FOUR  Cultured Sea Glass tusk Beads varies 23-Peridot (20-pc-str)

S42-B83FOUR Cultured Sea Glass tusk Beads varies 83-Tangerine (20-pc-str)

There are a handful of color palettes I contributed in this issue as well, from photos I took last summer:

I hope you enjoy all the great work in the summer issue of Creative Spark! 


  1. I think if you had used burgundy beads for the radishes, the guys would've been able to ID them correctly. Cause they are more of a purple-red than red-red. I love that sunrise (or sunset) pic! It's beautiful!

  2. both are so much fun! love how creative you were with this one

  3. I love your carrot! The radishes don't look holiday to me at all. As I told you before, I totally get Luna from Harry Potter from them. Ha! Anyway, your work is great and perfect for the garden section of the e-mag. Thanks so much for all you did for this issue. I appreciate it so much!!

  4. The radishes are adorable, but that carrot really put a smile on my face! What a great, imaginative use of those beads!


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