Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hurricane Joaquin

Hurricane Joaquin....or as I hear it: "there's a storm coming so I think I'll stay home all weekend and bead!"  Hehe!  But in all seriousness - I hope everyone weathers the upcoming storm safely and with no damage.  Is it wrong of me to be kind of happy when the weather forecast is so dreary!?

When I sit down to do a blog post, I usually start by gathering some photos and dropping them into a folder labeled with the date I intend to write the post.  The folder I'm pulling from today reads "blog post 9.19.15".  hah!  I had every intention of writing a post when my friend Cynthia (Antiquity Travelers) gifted me with this book!  How lucky am I!?!?!  Thank you SO MUCH Cynthia!!

Of course I used that as an excuse to buy plenty of soutache when I was out and about last week checking out all the bead stores for NH Bead Bop (or as I like to call it "Bead Gluttony 2015"....or "Mom bought too many beads so we're having ramen noodles for dinner all week"....or get the idea!)

But there were coupons...and specials...and raffles!!! NH Bead Bop is so fun.  To participate you buy this tote bag which is valid to use indefinitely.  Then for each year you receive a pin and passport which has all your coupons and raffle entries.

Also - each bag contains a little sack of free goodies.  Here's what I go in my goodie bag from Bead Bush Studio in Deerfield NH:

All the stores in Bead Bop this year agreed to display Bead-It-Forward items so I wanted to check that out as well and everything was displayed so beautifully!  I'm so grateful for all the store owners' support!

Otherwise in my bead world, not much has been happening.  Of course it is always fun to see someone wearing something you made, and here is a shot of a co-worker of mine wearing some earrings I made for her:

Also I needed a bracelet to go with a shirt I was wearing to a work event so I made this:

Not much else going on in my bead world but I sure do have a lot planned for the beads and soutache I obtained while Bead Bopping!

By the way - did you see the lunar eclipse on Sunday?!? What a treat!! We had super clear skies that night and I was able to snap some fun shots (and learned a LOT about DSLR camera settings in the process!)

May all the celestial objects be lined up in your favor!


  1. Great shots Amy! I took one of the best photos of my life that night. It got over 170 likes on my personal page and about 180 on the Bourne Residents page. I wish I could've gone on that bead hop. I miss having bead stores close to me like they were out in Washington. As for Joaquin, I'm seeing so many different predictions for the storm track. It is, however, interfering with my apple picking plans for this Saturday. So I'm not amused.

  2. What a great gift Cynthia sent you ~ and right in time for you to collect supplies in the NH Hop! Hope Bead-It-Forward is going well :-) Love the bracelet you made ~ is it peyote?

    I stayed up until 12:30am for the eclipse...I couldn't make it past that. What a spectacular night!
    I am off to enjoy a tiny sliver of bead time now...the calm before the after school storm!

  3. Love your bracelet! It's looking like we won't be storm central for this event. I'm hoping these new models are right! Have a great stormy weekend beading!

  4. oh! just catching up with posts from the week, and stumbled across your's with your loot from the trip to NH. Looks like you're cooking up something wonderful with all your soutache supplies! Can't wait to see. All this talk of soutache has me pulling out my first attempts and cutting them up to revamp them. I've got some things in the works, we'll have to see what ends up as a 'showable' piece with all this soutache ribbon everywhere! LOL

  5. Hi there, Amy! Good to see you in the blogosphere. Your moon pics are amazing. These are some of the most difficult things to shoot and I never quite get it right. Great job. And how fun the NH Bead Bop sounds. Wish I were there to bop along with the other beaders. Have you tried soutache yet? I did a teeny bit earlier this year. I liked it ok but would probably lean toward other techniques. Have a great week-end!


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