Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!

We knocked out all our Halloween events last weekend and it was tons of fun!  My husband and I dressed as hippies from the 60's...and I realized it wasn't too far a stretch from how I typically dress, haha!  My son went as Doctor Who....if you're a fan you'll totally know which doctor he is portraying!

I signed up for a craft fair in November.  I haven't done a craft fair in years, but it's got me geared up at my bead table!  Here's a few things I put together in the past week:

The view is still glowing out my bead table window.  In spite of the lack of rain, we've really been treated to a lovely autumn so far!

Be sure to check in next week for A Time To Stitch (ATTS) reveal day on November 6!!!   Correction - ATTS reveal day is on the 21st!!


  1. fun Halloween outfits! I'll have to post about Anne's from this year. My girls are very into Dr. Who, but afraid I wouldn't know which doctor he is - LOL. Lots of beauties coming off your bead table! No doubt you'll have lots of success at your craft fair

  2. LOVE your beading and your costumes! I went as a hippie once to an office party and everyone said, 'well we just thought you dressed like that all the time outside the office.' hahaha

  3. You are going to sell out at that craft fair!

  4. What a great picture of you all on Halloween. I love the pendant and all the other pieces you made. I hope you have a great craft fair! Love the pictures of Fall in NE!

  5. Best of luck at the Craft Fair!!! I love that snowflake...and the pendant...and that bracelet. Ok, I just LOVE all you do!!! Are the leaves down now? Snowy owl time :-)

  6. Hi there - I am a little late for my blog visit but wanted to tell you that your Halloween outfit made me smile! Hope the craft fair was fun. Looks like you made some beauties!


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