Thursday, January 21, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon catching up on my blog roll, and was secretly happy to see I'm not the only bead blogger who hasn't posted in a while! Hah!

But I have been beading a lot.  Many people received beaded gifts this year from me, including my son!  Which is unusual because...well....he's a 14yo young man who isn't much into accessories!  Anyway - he received a handful of paper books this year, so he had to put his Kindle aside.  I joked about how he needed a really cool bookmark. He rolled his eyes (impressively so for a boy).   But I appealed to his current obsession, Doctor Who, and made this double sided charm and attached it to a book mark!  Total WIN!  He love it.

Also - not in the beading arena but also a win, were the infused bourbon and vodka for holiday gifts.  Cranberry Lime Vodka and Orange Vanilla Bourbon (super delicious!).

Post holidays I visited my cousin, Abe, who is an artist/fisherman on Martha's Vineyard.  No trip to the Vineyard (yet!), but he was peddling his beautiful artwork at a hunting and fishing expo close to my house so we stopped by and picked up some Lure-Fish t-shirts (extremely popular fashion amongst the men in my house!), and he sweetly gifted me with this gorgeous print! Is he talented or what?!?!?!   

I also had the pleasure of visiting with one of my stepdaughters at the end of the year.  She is getting married in July and I am going to make jewelry for her bridesmaids!  I'm super excited to be able to contribute in this way.  

I promptly ordered a sample of the material from the dress shop. 

Amie, my stepdaughter, had some ideas in mind and even hopped onto and picked out some rivolis she liked!

I headed to the local bead store and picked up some of the prettiest matte gold delicas I've ever seen!! 

And now I am having a ball working up samples for her to review!  Here are just a few samples and there are more in the works! 

In other beady updates... my cyber-friend, Cynthia, of Antiquity Travelers, gifted me with Amee Sweet-McNamara 's book, Soutache & Bead Embroidery!  

Yikes! This craft/technique is harder than I thought.  Here's my first's a little wonky, but I'm not super discouraged (only a little....), and I definitely will be trying again soon! THANK YOU Cynthia!! 

Made this rusty-topazy-browny set to go with a sweater I love to wear!

And have been working on this pretty flower too! 

Hoping this year will bring me back to more beading and blogging! It's so fun to be in a community of other bead folk!


  1. You do the most amazing work ever. Wow. :D If you come down here to visit your cousin on MV let me have to come through Bourne to get the ferry out of Falmouth. Would love to see you!

  2. LOVE where you are heading with the wedding ideas ... some really beautiful beading! and love that fish - I'm from a small fishing town in OR, and this would go over big where I grew up!

    So excited to see you trying the soutache! I'm afraid to show you my attempts from the holidays .... I've started, but thinking of ripping it all out - LOL

  3. Hi Amy - How funny that we are both doing bridesmaids' jewelry! And those delica beads you chose are so beautiful! It's tricky just to keep track of all the ideas. I finally put all of mine into a Powerpoint document so I could keep track of my notes and different supply ideas. When is your step-daughter's wedding? Mine is in June!

  4. Well now I know where all my beading mojo flew on a breeze right up to you!!! You have been busy! I love the wedding samples ~ how exciting to be a part of the wedding look! And the set you made for yourself is gorgeous ~ earthy, fall colors are my favorite. The bookmark is such a cool idea, as is the infused booze!!! Yes Please! I clicked over to your cousin's site...I am going to cruise it a bit more when everyone is out of the house tomorrow, as Dave's birthday is coming up and I am a total blank as to what to get him. He does love to fish so maybe you brought me to a good place to find something for him. Keep on showing us your beads!!! I need some inspiration!

  5. Yikes! Busy indeed!! I'm loving the wedding samples you're making and cannot wait to see what she decides on. The bookmark for your son is so, so fabulous! And finally, those infused liquors sound delish! I don't know how you find all the time and then have the patience for those seed beads! Eek!


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