Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Peyote Patterns

Happy Hump Day!

Inspired by some requests from my son for some Doctor Who swag, I've been busy making some fun peyote patterns!  It inspired me to open up a new patterns shop on Etsy!

To celebrate the new shop, I am offering a 75% off discount for the first month! Use promo code: NEWSHOP75.   I'll be adding more patterns frequently but there are a handful of patterns available now!

In addition to creating the new shop, I thought it would be fun to do a video on how to start a peyote strip, and how to follow a pattern.  It is somewhat lengthy, but it covers a lot, including common mistakes and how to deal with them! I shot it with my iPhone so it's not studio/professional quality but I hope it helps anyone just starting out!

And as always, there are free patterns on the free patterns page of this blog which I will continue to update!

In other news....The Blogging from A-Z Challenge starts on Friday and shockingly I've already done and prescheduled a few posts!  Given the HUGE amount of photos I have for this year's theme (food and beverage), I suspect this will be one of my easier A-Z challenge years!  Get your taste buds ready!!

Also stay tuned for the new Bead-It-Forward theme for 2017!  The 2017 theme will be revealed tomorrow on the Bead-It-Forward Facebook page, and on the Bead-It-Forward blog!  This year we received over 700 squares for the space theme!!


  1. Looking forward to your a-z! Sadly I just don't have the patience for peyote. You do such beautiful work.

  2. I admittedly didn't watch the whole video but jumped around ~ great video and good to see the samples at the end! I hope your new Etsy venture goes well! I do have my eye on one pattern, even though I am SOOOOOO not a pattern follower. I CANNOT WAIT FOR A-Z this year! I have tweaked my exercise routine to accommodate the extra food consumption.

  3. My girls are big Doctor Who fans ... we've watched many an episode all the way back to the beginning. Hope the new Etsy venture goes well! I'll check it out - and link in with you there


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