Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Blogging from A-Z • J • Jacob's Cattle Bean

Today is brought to you by the letter "J"!

(Disclaimer: Although this is typically a blog about my beadwork, I do let other parts of my life seep into this blog.  Food and beverage is a huge part of my life as I am the marketing director of a fantastic restaurant group!)

H is for garlic and also for Jacob's Cattle Bean! 

Aside from "juice", I couldn't think of any "J" food or beverages so went with this specialty heirloom New England bean.  Can you think of any other "J" foods? 

Come back tomorrow to see what we have in store for the letter "K"!


  1. Jalapeno! But then your wouldn't have show us this pretty photo full of yummy possibilities.

  2. That's a New England bean? I've never heard of it or seen it!

  3. yes - Jalapeno! also jicama, jelly, jasmine rice ... or juniper berries for gin! But agree with Christine ... this is a gorgeous photo!

  4. Jo had Jackfruit, an interesting fruit, but I love the look of these lovely beans. I've never seen them though. :)

  5. I've never heard of this food before. Only J food I could think of was jam.

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