Sunday, June 19, 2016

More Beads, More Birds

There are a few weddings on my calendar in the coming weeks and that means plenty of custom beadwork to match dresses!

I recently completed the jewelry for my stepdaughter's bridesmaids:

I need to get some jewelry ready for my dress for that wedding coming up in only three weeks! Yikes!!

But before that, my best friend's daughter is getting married! (How is that possible that I am old enough for this to be happening!?!?!)  Her wedding is next week.  The dress I'm wearing to her wedding has a beautiful print (bohemian? Indian? I'm not really sure what you'd call it!!)

I was inspired to create a peyote cuff to match the pattern.

I was pleasantly surprised at how nicely the pattern worked up with the Delica beads, and created a full pattern booklet for my patterns shop!  This is done in champagne gold, navy, and white pearl, but I think any contrasting colors would look really cool!

As referenced in the title of this post, I've also been doing quite a bit of birding lately as well.  In trying to make exercising a priority, I've been heading out to our local trails nearly every morning and the birding has been sensational!  Although one my recent favorites was from the farm of this ridiculously adorable killdeer chick!!!  CAN YOU EVEN STAND IT!! Those fuzzy tail feathers!

There is another nest on the farm about to hatch too!  I didn't even realize I was coming upon the nest and unwittingly came upon a very angry killdeer adult!

And it seems I have a knack for stumbling upon active nests...I became a little fearful of this osprey mama who started dive bombing me even though i was several hundred feet away!!!

Here are some more, gentler birds I've seen over the last few weeks!

Happy Father's Day!


  1. Beautiful beadwork and bird pics!

  2. Wow that peyote cuff turned out beautifully! I just cannot get the hang of those patterns - I'm not sure mine would be a rectangle by the time I finished - LOL Awesome bird pictures ... although how did you get that shot of the Osprey without getting attacked?!

  3. Oh my gosh, I love that bracelet, what a brilliant idea! And your bird pictures are awesome...that little chick is so cute. I need to try taking more bird photos!

  4. So happy you posted your wedding creations - just gorgeous! I love the colors. I am getting ready to do a post on my niece's wedding. It is a great way to be a part of things but stressful - I found myself worrying about how the necklaces would look on each girl. Hope you can post a pic of the bridesmaids wearing your lovely creations!


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