Friday, June 10, 2016

Where does the time go?

Anytime I decide to write a blog post, I dutifully start a folder in my computer to drop any photos I"m planning to use for the post!  So....that happened on May 21!!!!!

And somehow time just slipped away every time I wanted to get to the post!  But I did fill it with a bunch of pictures!


Yup. Well........what is that phrase about good intentions!!

So ever since the A-Z blogging challenge ended, things have been busy for sure in my life! Again I want to give a shout out to all the wonderful friends who stopped by my blog that month of April!  Here's a little beverage tease from May! 

SO.....back to those pictures in the May 21 folder....

About a month ago, I participated in Muckfest MS Mud Run.  Wow!! What an incredible experience. My best friend of 40+ years (yes, you read that right we've been buds since before I was even in kindergarten!) was diagnosed withe MS  20 years ago, last fall her sister was diagnosed as well, and this year her daughter was diagnosed.  Joining their team was a true honor.

It was very challenging and I tackled a few of the obstacles with some very serious trepidation, but was so proud to meet each challenge. You can see though, there were a LOT of smiles and laughs.
It was a great day!!! So now, I prepare for next year!

There has been some beading in my life this past month as well.
Etsy order! 

Playing with wire-wrapping rings

Having a super huge blast with polymer clay. 

"Polish Pottery" cuff bracelet.  Click here for the pattern.

Pendant fun!

Peyote owl bracelet.  Click here for pattern.

I also received this great haul from Znet Shows of beautiful Cultured Sea Glass and 2mm & 3mm Chinese Crytsal Rondelles! Stay tuned for the summer issue of Creative Spark to see how these lovelies transform into beautiful jewelry!

Otherwise, it's mostly been work, and hiking, and kayaking, and birding! And oh, the birding this spring has been spectacular these last couple weeks!

Here are a few birding shots from early & mid-may!

Tree swallows

Great horned owlets

Cedar waxwing

Eastern towhee

Prairie warbler

Now I'm off to catch up on my blog READING!!! 


  1. Wow Amy! Do you sleep ever? Lots of great pics and looks like you've been having a great time.

  2. You have been busy! that is some amazing beadwork going on at your place and those birds! wow. So sorry to hear about your friends, but awesome that you joined their team!

  3. You are just amazing, so so busy. I love your beading and hoping to find my beading mojo soon. And yes we are kindred hearts...I love your photos.


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