Saturday, July 2, 2016

ZnetShows Creative Spark and More!

Happy Fourth of July Weekend!!!

The latest issue of Creative Spark is now live and it is filled with inspiration!!  ZnetShows specializes in cultured sea glass and the variety of cultured sea glass options are huge! They also have a wide selection of Chinese crystal which pack so much sparkle!!

I had the opportunity to use both the tiny rondelle crystals and large hole rings cultured sea glass.  You can see my challenge creations and so many more in the summer 2016 issue:

I loved seeing everyone's work!  There are some fun items in there included non-jewelry work and a feature on how other beader's store their beads!

In other news, I was able to finish my jewelry for the first wedding of the season.  And that wedding was amazing! It's hard to believe my best friend's DAUGHTER got married! When did I get old enough for that to happen!?

My son, me, my husband!

Now it's time to finish my jewelry for my stepdaughter's wedding that takes place next week!!

Of course I can't skip my new favorite activity which is hiking and birding.  Here is a sweet warbler I came across the other day who was signing his little heart out!

At the farm where I work, we have many killdeer. One of the killdeer laid her eggs right smack in the middle of the row of radishes! haha!  Our farm team gingerly worked around her, and after about one month those babies are here.  And if you don't think these darlings are cute.....well....

Those tiny wings! those tail feathers! all the fuzz!!!  I can't even!!!!

And speaking of cute baby friend and I made a trip to Crane Beach last weekend where the endangered piping plovers breed during the summer months.  This cutie practically walked up to our blanket! Last year I was able to come earlier in the season.  This is more of a juvenile....but stil cute!

Finally - here are some fun new menu items from work last week! yum!

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Those birdies are sooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love those earrings, Amy. Are they a self-design or from another source? They look fantastic on you!

  3. Where to start. Your wedding jewelry turned out great! The stuff in summer Creative Spark looks amazing! I especially like the black lariat and the blue sparkly bracelet. On to the critters. The baby killdeers are adorable. How fun to be able to watch them hatch. I hope you have a great rest of the summer.

  4. I loved seeing all your designs in the magazine! and how fun to see you wearing your wedding bracelet / earring design! what a great picture of the family. You amaze me with your bird pics ... how do you get so close? I can't ever seem to get close enough to the critters before they fly or scurry off. sigh. And... I am happy to say I ate before I visited your blog as your food porn always makes me so hungry!!

  5. Amy, Just loved your creations. Your beading is beautiful. One day I might be that good! & your gazpacho recipe is to die for. Yummy! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love to cook and love nature things bird and dish very superb i loved it thanks Teaching jobs in maldives


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