Saturday, August 20, 2016

ZnetShows New Arrivals Blog Hop

As always it was a huge treat to receive my package from Znet Shows!!  My package contained two types of new arrivals: flat freeform two-hole clothing button beads and graduated center cut freeform regular center drilled nuggets.  Each set of beads was in the color: light aqua 'coke' bottle seafoam.  It reminded me of the color of sea glass I see when I visit the beach on the Atlantic coast.

Just a few days before my Znet Shows package arrived, I came across some photos of a beach in Fort Bragg, California.  It's claim to fame is the sea glass on its beach from trash that was dumped there over half a century ago!

It looks absolutely beautiful, and it inspired me when it was time to start working with my cultured sea glass! I gathered up various colors of Czech fire polished beads and got to work!  I worked up a right-angle-weave strip and affixed the two hole button beads!

When it was time to work with the large hole freeform nuggets, I leaned towards a more traditional sea glass look featuring the sea glass along with sand colors.

After gathering my beads that I thought would work well with this idea, it seemed that freeform bead weaving was the way to go!

The light aqua 'coke bottle' sea foam color worked perfectly with the sand colored beads!

Some earrings with some free form embellishment nuggets were the perfect match for the free form necklace!

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