Saturday, October 22, 2016

Happy Autumn!

There was a lot of talk the we would not have good foliage this year in New England because of the drought....but let me tell you , that couldn't be further from the truth! Just stepping outside, or taking a ride anywhere is a huge treat to see all the spectacular colors!

So when I saw that Halcraft was hosting a contest for fall photos, I knew I had to submit something because my photo albums in my phone and on my computer are overflowing with New England fall foliage photos!  This is one of my views at work, and it was one of my favorites from last week so here is the one I submitted:

Fortunately I was selected as a finalist in the contest!  If you have a moment, I'd be grateful for your "like", if you like the photo/palette.  Just visit Halcraft's Facebook page or click here! All the photos and palettes are quite gorgeous so I encourage you to take a peek! Erin of Treasures Found is selecting the prize beads so I couldn't be more excited for this opportunity!

Here are some more lovelies from my albums if you are in the mood for fall!

There has been plenty of beading in my life lately too!  Over the summer, a friend of mine in D.C. extended a huge favor to me. Since then I've been attempting to make her something bead-y as a thank you.  I struggled a bit coming up with something I thought would be fitting for her, and ended up with this lariat/earring combo!

For a while, as I was working on this, I wasn't sure how I wanted the lariat to meet up at the neckline, but finally decided to build a loop in the strand for the opposing side to enter!

And finally - there are plenty of Bead-it-Forward quilts (finally!) available online!! There are still several items left over from last year's animal theme, and now there are many space themed items available too!  Check it out here:


  1. So much good stuff! I think all of your photographs are lovely, especially the first one -- which I bet will be the November color palette. The lariat and earring set you made for your DC friend came out exceedingly well. I bet she will wear the heck out of it. I mean who wouldn't? :-) I love all the bead it forward quilts. They always come out so well. I'm sure they will sell soon. Happy Autumn!

  2. Gorgeous pics and beadwork! I haven't taken many foliage pics. It came on so fast and now it's going by.

  3. Those fall photos are really amazing. We just don't get the colors like that down here. I'm so glad you shared them.
    And the jewelry set is really lovely! Beautiful work as always!! :)

  4. Beautiful pictures Amy! I stopped by to 'like' your entry :) Love the lariat and earrings - what a gorgeous set!!


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