Friday, October 28, 2016

TGIF Morning Edition

As I titled this post, I realized many of the previous TGIF posts contained a glass of wine! This morning, though, it is a cup of tea!

Lately I've been working on another peyote cuff that is similar to the cuff I did to match a dress over the summer.  This time it's a bridal piece for a friend's niece!

Instead of a pearl clasp, which I did last time, I thought a button clasp would look nice on this so I carted this to the fabric store and came up with a few options.

 I think I'll be going with the glass buttons.  All the delica beads in this cuff are clear glass and lined with the color (pink, white, and off-white-ab!) so I think the glass will play off that very well.  Stay tuned to see!

And of course, how could I resist picking up a few more buttons.  I thought these were so pretty that I plan to make a couple bracelets to match the buttons!

I also have been working with polymer clay lately too!  My nephew is planning to be Teen Titan "Red Robin" for Halloween this year.   And what do you know! Turns out polymer clay is good for more than beading! (p.s. the gold border on the final Red Robin emblem is actually an inner needle point hoop that was painted gold!)

And finally - to whet your whistle, here are a few cocktails that crossed my camera's path this past week!

Seriously - it was only my camera's path...not my mouth!

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. I love those last 2 buttons. They are beautiful!!! Boy I would love to have your job. I would love to get paid to take pictures.

  2. Beautiful bracelet I am sure the bride will be very pleased with it. The glass buttons are a good choice for the clasp. I love the other two buttons too. It will be interesting to see what you create to go with them. Polymer clay is fun to work with so many things can be created using polymer clay, as you are discovering. Those cocktails look yummy great photos.
    I hope you are enjoying your fall. I just wish our temperatures would get lower than the low 90's and high 80's Oh well that is how it is living in the South.

  3. That cuff is gorgeous! and no doubt she'll be so excited with this one. Those other buttons are absolutely the kind you want to design a bracelet around - I can just see the beads coming together around those colors. The cocktails look almost too good to drink .... almost :)

  4. The new bracelet and buttons are just as yummy as these drinks! I think when Cynthia, you, and I finally do get together, a few of these drinks should join us.

    That really make beautiful bracelets! And I love this particular pattern.


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